Protein and More Protein Thanks to Chobani


When the whole Greek yogurt craze started a few years ago I quickly joined in. I always loved yogurt and was so curious about this new yogurt. I tried it and liked it but only bought it when I could find a good sale. Why buy the Greek kind if I could get the regular kind for less than a dollar? The answer is Protein! Greek yogurt has so much more protein than the regular kind. I never really was one to load up on Protein. I know now how full it keeps you. Since eating my Greek yogurt I always feel full after snack time. I can eat my Chobani for snack and feel satisfied until my next meal. In my opinion Chobani is the best tasting and creamiest yogurt. Best thing is a I got a case of it at Costco where each yogurt comes out to less than a dollar!

What is your favorite kind of Greek yogurt?

3 weeks in.

It has been three weeks since I started on this weight loss journey. I have been eating smartly. I stopped all high calorie drinks including my beloved Coca-Cola. Instead I drink lots of water, sugar free tea and diet soda. My favorite right now is Sprite Zero. I know drinking sugar free drinks and diet soda is not the healthiest but it is better than the other high calorie drinks I was drinking.

I am cooking almost all of my meals. It feels good to be eating healthier things like salads and baked chicken. I was eating so much fast food before that I was getting bored of everything. On the occasion that I did eat out, I ate grilled chicken wraps, salad and diet soda. 

Progress: So far I have lost 9 pounds. 

Need to improve: Exercising! I have only exercised twice in the three weeks. Being a FTM I can't seem to schedule a specific time to do the exercise. Something always seems to come up. I have been walking a lot more but still need to schedule in some exercise.

As a mom how do you find the time to exercise?