Weight Loss Lavender Detox Bath Soak

I love using essential oils because just a few drops works to help you clean naturally or just relax in bed. I love using essential oils in my mopping water or in a jar with baking soda to deodorize a room instantly. Since I was given the opportunity to review the Lavender and Peppermint essential oils from InstaNatural I got my creative juices flowing and mixed in a few drops of the peppermint in my foot cream to energize my feet and the lavender in my Weight Loss Detox Bath Soak below.

Last year I discovered that Dr. Oz Two Week Rapid Weight Loss Plan and was successful at losing a good amount of weight when I followed it. One part is eating a natural diet full of low glycemic vegetables and lean meats. The other part is doing the detox baths at the end of the day. At first it was hard for me to sit in a tub for that long because I am more of a shower person but then I took the time as my "me" time. I also made a 45 minute play list of my favorite songs and the time went by quickly.

I really don't know how it works but I know that when I consistently do my detox baths and eat the foods on the list I lose at least 5 pounds in one week. The plan and the detox bath are not easy to do so I tend to do it at least for a week a month or alternate back to back days of doing the plan and a low carb diet.

Weigt Loss Lavender Detox Bath Soak

  • 2 Cups Epsom Salts
  • 1 Cup Baking Soda
  • 6 Drops InstaNatural Lavender Essential Oil

  1. Mix all of the ingredients together making sure to thoroughly mix in the essential oil. 
  2. Fill your tub with water as hot as you can take it. 
  3. Sprinkle in the bath soak and mix in the water. 
  4. Lay in the tub and relax for about 45 minutes. 
  5. Rinse off. 

InstaNatural has an entire line of natural beauty products including lemon, lavender and peppermint essential oils.


  1. Love Peppermint tea or anything Peppermint--Lemon, orange anything citrus wakes me right up--but Lavender--ACHOO. I do like the scent the scent does not like me!!

    1. Have you tried Young Living Essential oils? Seed to seal, no additives and you want ACHOO!!

  2. I bet that smells amazing. I love the scent of lavender. I totally want to try this.

  3. I love lavender, I'll have to give that a try!

  4. Interesting! I wonder how the detox bath helps with weight loss. I am going to look into this more. Thanks.

  5. Wow! 5lbs in one week is amazing! Thanks for sharing the detox bath recipe--I'm interested to try it!

  6. That sounds heavenly to me, and I love that it's a detox as well. Super idea!

  7. That sounds so relaxing! I could use a few minutes to relax, detox, and reflect. I'm not sure I could get 45 minutes of peace & quiet, but I'll try!

  8. This looks like a great way to relax! I think I might need to invest in this!

  9. I have a small foot bath, about how much should I add to the water?

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