How Mancini is Keeping Me Organized and Stylish!

Like I said in my video, moving is a full time job! It's especially hard when you have to move from one state to another and you are flying. The first thing you have to do is figure out what you want to take with you and how you are going to take it with you. I was excited to see all of the different options that eBags offers on their website. By looking at the bags I got a sense of what bags I needed and where everything would fit.

One of my biggest concerns was having all of our important paperwork, money, credit cards, id cards and personal electronics all in one secure place. The Mancini Leather Briefcase and Wallet really fit the bill on what I was looking for. The wallet had tons of pockets, folds and zippers where I could fit all of our important stuff as a family of three. It is small enough to place anywhere I wanted like my purse but big enough to hold a lot of paperwork and cards. Also included with the wallet is RFID wave blocking technology so that you don't have to worry about your credit cards and identity being stolen. I am looking forward to having the Mancini Wallet help me get through security at the airport quicker, with everything in one place.

The Mancini Briefcase was the perfect bag for all of our personal electronics. In the many zippered pockets and compartments I was able to fit my Macbook Pro, my daughter's tablet and four smartphones. I was also able to keep all of my SD cards, flash drives and cords.

Not only is the Briefcase and Wallet perfect for our journey but they are also so beautifully made. I was impressed by the color, texture and feel. The Mancini company has been creating leather goods since 1989 and take the time and effort to make their products both stylish and functional.

Check out eBags to see all of the beautiful Mancini Products they offer.

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Update: We're Moving!

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How To Stay Healthy and Active On-The-Go

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I can not believe how fast eight months have flown by on this weight loss journey. I remember how hard it was when I first started and how I had to adjust to my new way of eating. I started with small changes and eight months in I am down 70 pounds! I feel so much healthier, happier and can do so much more.

Now that the weather is warmer and I want to go out more I am taking my healthy lifestyle on-the-go. It is so much easier to live a healthy lifestyle at home when you have access to healthy food and exercise equipment. These are the steps I am taking to continue my healthy lifestyle when I am out of my controlled environment. Download and print out my Healthy and Active On-The-Go guide to have the following tips right in your bag for easy access.

Stay Hydrated: I always carry my water bottle full of filtered water. I love taking my water bottle because it's 32 ounces so I know when I drink a whole one I just have to drink one more to get in at least 64 ounces of water.

Track Activity: I love wearing my fitness tracker because it motivates me to stay active. My tracker gives me reminders to walk around when I am sitting down for too long.

Food Log: Whenever I am out for a long time and have to eat out for a meal I try to plan ahead. I always have my go-to meals that I can quickly log into my smartphone.

Stay Active: I try to find ways to keep active and burn extra calories. I like to walk up and down the outside steps of my apartment a few times to warm up. I then take my walks and try to take routes that has hills. When I go to the park with my daughter I use parts of the park to strength train like doing tricep dips on benches.

On-The-Go Snacks: Since I am on a ketogenic diet it is sometimes hard to find foods to snack on at my local convenience store so I always bring my own. When I was at my local Walmart (check out the giveaway below to win a gift card). I forgot to get myself some snacks and was already walking to the checkout. I quickly scanned what was near me and noticed the Lorissa's Kitchen Protein Snacks. The Korean Barbecue grabbed my attention and I quickly looked at the back for the macros. I was happy to see that it was just 6g of carbs per serving. I looked for other flavors and picked up the Szechuan Peppercorn and Sweet Chili Pork.

Since starting this way of eating we have made the move to eating more grass fed beef and avoiding nitrates and things with MSG. I love that the Lorissa's Kitchen Beef and Pork Strips are made with simple ingredients and no preservatives. Since the strips have a higher moisture content they are really tender and delicious.

Enter the #SavvySnackingSweepstakes for your chance to win a $100 Walmart Gift Card.

How do you stay healthy and active on-the-go? 

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How Listerine is Helping Me Stay Bold!

After losing 70 pounds my life has gotten a lot bolder. The confidence and good feelings that come with weight loss is amazing! Now I like to dress up more, go out more and try new things. Because I am living my life bolder I got picked to head out to Morris Plains, New Jersey to check out the LISTERINE® Labs and be a part of their BRING OUT THE BOLD™ campaign.

While doing a study of the people that use LISTERINE® and the people that don't they found out that the people that do live a bolder life. They are "more likely to try the spiciest item on the menu, book a trip and leave the same day or perform a comedy routine."

When we arrived at the LISTERINE® Labs we got a huge welcome from the staff at LISTERINE® and got to take some fun pictures. We then got to eat a very BOLD lunch. Everything was full of intense flavors and spicy food. After lunch we learned of all of the different LISTERINE® mouthwashes. They really do have a product for every specific need like anti-cavity, natural, alcohol free and more. I am excited to try out the Smart Rinse with the cute Frozen characters in a couple of years when my daughter is old enough.

We then got to speak and ask questions to a panel of amazing dentists. My fellow bloggers asked the perfect questions and I learned so much. I never knew that just a slight bleeding of the gums while brushing your teeth equates to you having gingivitis which in turn can turn into periodontal disease! Dr. Lee Gause said that "gingivitis or gum disease affects 50% of the American population."

Lastly we got a tour of the LISTERINE® Labs where we got to see the germs and things that go inside of the mouth up close. We even got to go into a the "Stink Lab" where they create odors that happen in the mouth. Tara Fourre, the scientist at the Lab, explained to use how she goes into the "Stink" room twice a day for 30 minutes while she performs different tests to see how well LISTERINE® helps in killing the germs that cause the smell.

I had an amazing experience and have learned so much about oral care. Visiting the lab made me revamp my oral care routine. I used to floss and use mouthwash only at night before bed. Now on top of brushing my teeth twice a day like I normally do I am using mouthwash and floss in the morning too. I also changed my formula of LISTERINE®. I love that the Total Care because it prevents cavities, restores minerals to enamel, strengthens teeth, kills bad-breath germs and freshens breath.

What steps do you take to live a Bold life? 

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