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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Keto Cheese Sauce

My husband and I have been on this Keto weight loss journey since August 31. We have both been strictly on this diet without any cheats for over 19 weeks now. I think a huge part of our success is that I search the internet and YouTube to find yummy recipes that we can enjoy. I love vegetables but he doesn't so I wanted to find a way for him to get some veggies in for the fiber. He loves cheese sauce but I didn't like all the questionable ingredients in his favorite jar so I decided to make a homemade one.

This cheese sauce is so decadent, savory and cheesy that a little bit goes a long way. It is perfect to dip broccoli, zucchini or cauliflower in. I have also been known to pour a little over my cauliflower mash. This sauce stores easily in a mason jar in the refrigerator. I like to just take a couple of spoons and put in a ramekin to heat up in the microwave for about 30-45 seconds.

Keto Cheese Sauce
  • 1 tbsp butter
  • 4 oz mild cheddar cheese, shredded
  • 2 Tablespoons cream cheese (try to find one with 1g of carbs per serving)
  • 1/4 cup parmesan grated cheese
  • 5 tbsp heaving whipping cream
  • guar guar gum (optional: a pinch to thicken)
  1. In a small saucepan melt the butter and cream cheese on low heat. Add the heavy whipping cream and mix well. 
  2. Add the cheddar cheese a little at a time, stirring until it melts. Add the parmesan cheese and stir until it melts. 
  3. Optional: Sprinkle a pinch or two of the guar guar gum and stir well. You may be able to substitute xanthan gum to thicken but I haven't tried it so if you have it you can experiment with the same amount. If you don't have any of the gums you can leave it out for a thinner sauce.

What would you dip into this keto cheese sauce?

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

January Favorites

Wahoo Heart Rate Monitor - This is a bluetooth/wireless heart rate monitor that connects to your smartphone. I had one years ago that connected to a watch that you had to constantly look at. This one just connects to your smartphone and it tracks away. I love how the Wahoo HRM speaks to you so you don't even have to look at the phone if you don't want to. This has definitely motivated me to work harder during my workouts.

Coco Polo Chocolate - I discovered the Coco Polo Chocolate bars at my local Fairway Market. They are sweetened with erythritol and stevia. Since erythritol is a sugar alcohol you can subtract the grams from the carbohydrate total. A serving is half of a bar but I find that one or two squares is enough to kill my chocolate craving. They have a lot of flavors but my favorite is the hazelnut milk chocolate.

FéFit Exercise - If you follow my instagram you see my daily posts showing my workouts on FéFit. I love this exercise program! It's like I have a personal trainer that plans everything for me to do. It's important to do strength training on Keto so I love that this program covers my whole body. I can't do all of the exercises yet so I love that they always have one of the girls doing a modified version of the harder ones. Looking forward to completing the 90-Day program.

Moon Cheese - These are delicious little nuggets of cheese that replace my chip craving. I love that the only ingredient is cheese. The Gouda and Pepper Jack flavor are 0g of carbs so it's the perfect keto snack. They are so rich and tasty that just one small serving satisfies you.

Amaretto Sugar Free Davinci Syrup - I look forward to my morning coffee when I get to put my sugar free Davinci syrups inside. My favorite is the Amaretto flavor because it reminds me of my favorite almond cake restaurant dessert.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Weight Loss Journey: Week 22

I lost 0.4 pounds for a total weight loss of 50.4 pounds.

I had a great week of eating and didn't cheat, even on my birthday. I already had my mind set that I wasn't going to cheat so the planning on where to eat began. The day before my birthday I searched the websites of the different restaurants I wanted to try out. I was in the mood for a nice steak so Longhorn Steakhouse came highly recommended. I had a ribeye steak with some steamed asparagus and a side caesar salad. It was so good and so filling that I didn't have room for a low carb mug cake at the end of the night. I made bone broth in the pressure cooker on Sunday so I am looking forward to drinking a cup at least every other day. I have heard so many great benefits of drinking bone broth that I am excited to add it to my weight loss plan. 

I have been exercising at around the same time everyday so it has become a normal part of my day. I make my husband and daughter breakfast, clean up, tidy up the apartment, get myself a bullet proof coffee or breakfast, clean up, do our morning lessons and then it's exercise time. Since being on Keto I have so much energy to do so much in the morning. I love that my exercise program is just 30 minutes so it gives me time to do everything else I have planned. My body is getting more and more fit and I can do so much more now. I enjoy doing modified pushups and using the pilates ring is so much fun. My sister was in town this weekend so I went on two nice long walks with her. 

  • Take vitamins and probiotics.
  • Get in 7000 daily steps. 
  • FeFit Exercise Program 4 times a week
  • One walk of at least 10,000 steps
  • Drink bone broth at least every other day. 
Have you ever tried bone broth? ‪

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Monday, February 1, 2016

How Tracking Exercise Can Motivate You

**I was not compensated or sponsored to talk about the Wahoo Tckr X HRM. I wrote this post to share how much I love this product.

It took me three months into my weight loss journey to finally start exercising. I started doing YouTube videos and the Just Dance game with my three year old. I wanted to optimize my workouts and make sure I was doing it with enough intensity to burn the maximum amount of calories. The best way I know how you can make sure you are working hard enough is with a Heart Rate Monitor.

When my husband asked what I wanted last month for Christmas I told him I wanted the Wahoo Tckr X HRM. It's has bluetooth capabilities so I don't have to worry about looking at a watch like some HRM's. It speaks to you through your connected smartphone so you don't have to stop working out to see what's going on. Best of all it is made from Wahoo which is my favorite fitness app to track my workouts.

I was so excited to take it out of the box and strap it on. It quickly connected to my phone and a profile was so easy to set up using the Wahoo Fitness app. Then you just pick the workout type you are doing and hit the start workout button. It starts tracking and lets you know how you are doing. I leave the phone on top of my couch where I can easily see it if I want to. It's exciting when the screen turns orange to show me that I am in fat burning zone.

I have been using the Wahoo Tckr X for a month now and I really love how well it connects, how accurate it is and how motivating it is. I know when I have it on I try my best to get into the orange zone. I loved this product so much that I had to share with you guys.

Do you use a Heart Rate Monitor to work out? 

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Thursday, January 28, 2016

My Keto Pantry & Fridge

My husband and I have been on a Keto Weight Loss journey since August 31. We have lost a combined 132 pounds. I lost 50 and he lost 82. I think that this way of eating has been successful for us because we are never hungry and get to enjoy delicious foods. A ketogenic (keto) diet is where you eat 20g or less of carbs, a low/moderate amount of protein and a high amount of fat. Your percentages of food should be 5% Carbs, 20% Protein and 75% Fat.

Since I have been making so many different recipes I have acquired a great keto pantry (and fridge).

Alternative Sweetener:
  • Erythritol - I use this whenever I am baking or when a recipe calls for a granulated sweetener. 
  • Liquid Stevia - I use about 5 drops in my coffee every morning. 
  • Ez-Sweetz - Liquid Sucralose. I use this in all of my recipes that don't call for a granular sweetener. This is what my husband uses in his coffee. It takes a couple of drops to sweeten without an aftertaste. 

Almond Flour: This is the flour I use in almost all of my baking and biscuit recipes. I use it to make pizza crusts using the fat-head recipe and as breading for things like my chicken tenders.

Oat Fiber: Since it is made up of fiber the carbs cancel out. I don't usually count net carbs (carbs - fiber) but for the oat fiber I do. This powder makes things taste like they have wheat in them so it's good for dessert crusts and biscuits.

Cream Cheese: You will use a lot of cream cheese if you are making keto recipes. I use cream cheese to make my favorite oopsie rolls, to make fat head pizza, to make cream cheese pancakes and so much more. I buy the Aldi brand because it currently has 1g of carbs per serving.

Pork Rinds: They are really good to snack on and to eat with dips. They can also be pulverized into dust to substitute for any kind of breading. I have also used them to make keto puppy chow.

Coconut Oil: It's the holy grail in a keto kitchen. I put it in my coffee to make bulletproof coffee. I also use it to make fat bombs. It's the perfect way to get your fat in on a keto diet.

Avocado Oil: I use this oil to fry, for cooking and in my keto coleslaw recipe. It's great to use in cooking because of it's high heat point.

** Please note that I am not a doctor or nutritionist. I just wanted to share what has been working for my husband and I. Please seek advice from your doctor first before starting any diet or exercise program.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Wordless Wednesday: Fun in the Snow!

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