How Listerine is Helping Me Stay Bold!

After losing 70 pounds my life has gotten a lot bolder. The confidence and good feelings that come with weight loss is amazing! Now I like to dress up more, go out more and try new things. Because I am living my life bolder I got picked to head out to Morris Plains, New Jersey to check out the LISTERINE® Labs and be a part of their BRING OUT THE BOLD™ campaign.

While doing a study of the people that use LISTERINE® and the people that don't they found out that the people that do live a bolder life. They are "more likely to try the spiciest item on the menu, book a trip and leave the same day or perform a comedy routine."

When we arrived at the LISTERINE® Labs we got a huge welcome from the staff at LISTERINE® and got to take some fun pictures. We then got to eat a very BOLD lunch. Everything was full of intense flavors and spicy food. After lunch we learned of all of the different LISTERINE® mouthwashes. They really do have a product for every specific need like anti-cavity, natural, alcohol free and more. I am excited to try out the Smart Rinse with the cute Frozen characters in a couple of years when my daughter is old enough.

We then got to speak and ask questions to a panel of amazing dentists. My fellow bloggers asked the perfect questions and I learned so much. I never knew that just a slight bleeding of the gums while brushing your teeth equates to you having gingivitis which in turn can turn into periodontal disease! Dr. Lee Gause said that "gingivitis or gum disease affects 50% of the American population."

Lastly we got a tour of the LISTERINE® Labs where we got to see the germs and things that go inside of the mouth up close. We even got to go into a the "Stink Lab" where they create odors that happen in the mouth. Tara Fourre, the scientist at the Lab, explained to use how she goes into the "Stink" room twice a day for 30 minutes while she performs different tests to see how well LISTERINE® helps in killing the germs that cause the smell.

I had an amazing experience and have learned so much about oral care. Visiting the lab made me revamp my oral care routine. I used to floss and use mouthwash only at night before bed. Now on top of brushing my teeth twice a day like I normally do I am using mouthwash and floss in the morning too. I also changed my formula of LISTERINE®. I love that the Total Care because it prevents cavities, restores minerals to enamel, strengthens teeth, kills bad-breath germs and freshens breath.

What steps do you take to live a Bold life? 

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  1. YES!! You do look beautiful!!! I am going to miss you!! Keep being BOLD and using that Listerine. I am faithfully using mine after seeing all that we did in the lab that day.