Bacon Jewelry, Perfect for a Keto'er

One of my favorite things about living a ketogenic lifestyle is that I get to eat bacon and still lose weight. Since I am eating a high fat and low carb diet, bacon is one of the top foods to eat because it fits the macros of a ketogenic diet.

When my best friend and I were talking about my journey on the ketogenic diet she quickly told me that she could make me a custom beaded charm of bacon! Since bacon is basically the mascot of the ketogenic lifestyle I got super excited to proudly display my love for bacon.

My best friend Angela has been creating customized beaded jewelry for quite some time now. She takes the time to create exactly what you want by designing a chart and giving you different color options. After the design is approved she creates each design, one bead at a time using the best materials. She mostly uses delica seed beads, size 11, and Fireline 17lb pull thread. Swarovski Pearls and jewels are also used in some of her designs.

Alexiwing Designs accepts custom orders through Etsy, Instagram, and/or Facebook page. You can also email her at

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