Five Things I Do to Keep my Kid Safe During Summer Sports

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

About a year ago we got my daughter a cute little soccer ball and she has been kicking it around ever since. Once the dance season officially ended we enrolled her in a little soccer team with kids her age. She has been playing soccer for about a month now and since she enjoys it so much we enrolled her for another month in August.

Since the summer is here and  we are out and about with soccer, play dates, park days, beaches and more,these are the things I do to keep her safe.

1. Prepping Ahead: When I enrolled my daughter with the soccer organization I made sure to read as much as I could about them. I knew exactly what was expected of me as a parent and my daughter as a team player. Weeks before her first class I explained to her what was going on during class and got her excited about it. I was pleased that the soccer coaches emailed us the songs and cheers so that my daughter would be familiar with them.

2. Staying Hydrated: I make sure to always have ice cold water on hand during soccer class. On especially hot and sunny days the coaches stop on regular intervals for water breaks. My daughter loves water so this is super easy for us. I saw moms in her team begging kids to drink water and not juice so it is important that your child is used to drinking water.

3. Sunscreen: Whenever we are going out I make sure to slather on some sunscreen. We use a baby sunscreen that is waterproof and tear-free so I never have issues with sweat and dripping sunscreen hurting my daughter's eyes.

4. On-the-Go First Aid Kit: I always have antibacterial spray, bandages, ointment, after bite spray and sanitizer in my mommy bag.

5: Having piece of mind with accidental and supplemental coverage: Accidents are bound to happen and more often if your child plays summer sports. Aflac can help make sure you are prepared for the unexpected. A study from showed that when it came to unexpected expenses like emergency room visits, only 38% of those that took the survey could cover the bill with money they already had on hand. With Aflac I know that if I find myself in a situation like this they have me covered and I don't have to deplete our bank accounts and savings. This is also especially important for us as a family with one income. Aflac’s new One Day PaySM promise can process accident claims in just one day so you can help get help you need right away.

How do you keep your kids safe in the summer? 


  1. These are all great ways to keep your kids safe in the summer. It is very important to keep hydrated! Heat stroke can happen really quickly!

  2. You are like me, I do the same things! Especially when it is soccer and football season.

  3. With kids, it is so smart to plan ahead. I love all of your tips!

  4. Those are great ways to keep them safe. I have a first aid kit in my car, and it gets used all the time.

  5. i love you tips very useful it will help a lot , great ways to keep our child safe when we were outside thank you for your tips

  6. I keep water, band-aids and neosporin on me at all times. You just never know. I've used them more times than I care to admit.

  7. That After Bite is always a must in my first. My son will get bites or start to itch somewhere and that thing immediately gets rid of the itch. So whereever we are, I always make sure I have it. Best part of my first aid kit!