Snacking With Keto Krate

I remember when I first started the Ketogenic diet a few years ago. The diet wasn't well known so it was hard to find a snack on-the-go. I would always have to take nuts or cheese sticks with me. As the years went by, keto became mainstream and "low carb" snack options began popping up in stores. Sometimes they would have good macros but a lot of times they would not. I would spend a long time in the supermarket looking at nutritional labels and ingredients.

Then a few months ago I got the opportunity to be a Keto Krate ambassador. I got to sample the boxes each month for free. Subscriptions boxes are pretty fun because it's like getting a gift in the mail every month. My favorite thing about Keto Krate is that you get to try products from different companies that you may have never heard of before. A lot of these companies are small and really put care and thought into their products.

Every month my husband and I open the Keto Krate together and choose one snack to try right away. Most of the times we enjoy the snacks and sometimes we don't. This is a great way to figure out what kinds of snacks we like.

With Keto Krate you get 8+ snacks a month that are 5g of net carbs or less. Keto Krate does the calculation for you so that you can dig into the box as soon as you get it without having to worry if it will fit into your macros. You also get $20+ in savings with coupon codes and discounts to the products in the box. I also love how they give a recipe to use on their featured product. Check out Keto Krate if you want to try out a Keto Krate for yourself!

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