My Weight Loss Bullet Journal

I am the type of person that has to write things down to be productive. I love checking off items on a to-do list as I complete them. It is a sense of accomplishment when I have checked off everything on a list. Seeing it on paper and having to check off the items makes it more likely that I will do it.

I have tried countless times to go digital when it comes to lists and scheduling. I feel like I don't do as much when my lists are digital. I often get distracted when I am on my phone and then realize that I haven't even looked at my list. This is the reason I want to start having a Bullet Journal for my weight loss. If I journal on paper I am more likely to stay on track and get motivated to continue.

There is a huge following of bullet journal layouts on Instagram and Pinterest. I find myself scrolling through both platforms to get ideas on layouts for my pages. These are the layouts that I included in my journal.

Quote: This quote is what motivated me to start on my journey again. I have started so many weight loss journeys and most of the times I get off track and gain back everything I lost. I want to look at this quote whenever I have thoughts of sabotaging my weight loss efforts. Whenever I feel like things are too hard or I just want to get comforted with food I will look at this page and stop! Next year I want to be proud of how far I have come.

Weight: Tracking my weight is important to me because it gives me an idea of how I am doing on my journey. Seeing the weight go up, down or stay the same will give me the data to tweak what I eat and how much I move.

Measurements: Keeping track of my measurements will help when my body is fluctuating and I am not losing as much as I would like. There are weeks where I am not going to lose anything so having my measurements on hand will show me that I am still losing weight.

100 Pound Weight Loss Tracker: A huge weight loss goal I have is to lose 100 pounds. I think it will be fun to check off every pound I lose. I am not sure if I will color in the boxes or use stickers. Wanting to check off all of those boxes will definitely keep me motivated to reach this goal.

These are all the pages I have for now. I am looking at different layouts and trying to decide on what to add next.

Do you keep a weight loss journal? 


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