Happy Tot Toddler Meal Bowl #Review

I received the Happy Tot Toddler meal in my Bluum box a couple of months ago. When I first saw it in my box I was pretty happy because I love the Happy Baby brand. My daughter loved their pouches and still loves their yogurt bites and puffs. The flavor we got was Organic Chicken Quinoa & Vegetables. I loved that it had quinoa in it because I have read so many good things about it. Also the fact that it is all organic and natural was a super plus.

Though I was happy I got it I kept it to the side for a while because my daughter never liked prepared store food. I have tried other brands like Gerber and Sprout and she really disliked the taste. I was determined to try the Happy Tot to change it up and have her try something new. She took a couple of bites at first and even told me "more" after I took too long to give her another spoon. I was pretty pleased and started to think about my next trip to the market to get her the other flavors. I do enjoy cooking for her but having these on hand for emergencies would be great. Then came the square of "chicken".  She chewed it, made a face and spit it out. I tried again with the same result. After spitting out the pieces of "chicken" she refused to eat any more. I mixed the food around and looked closely at the perfectly square pieces of "chicken". It really didn't look too good and didn't look much like chicken. For such a great company that is all about organic and natural food it was really upsetting to see that type of "chicken" in it. Looking more into it, it was pretty mushy. If you have something labeled for a toddler I think it should have been chunkier.

Overall my 17 month old gives it two thumbs down. Oh well, off to make some more http://nurturebaby.com/ recipes to freeze.


  1. I never had this sort of meal availible when my kids were small... well, at least when my son was small. My daughter was 7 years younger and they had those gerber junior meals. but by the time she could eat them she was eating with us. I just packed left overs for baby sitters. I am so glad not to have to worry about all these things now. I was organic before it was cool to be one and we have eaten out of a garden and our pantry for many years now.

  2. lawdddy I think I'm hungry again.... :D