I #TriedImpressa, Now I Am Secure On-The-Go!

Things were so busy for me these past couple of months. We made a huge life change by moving from New York City to Texas. We decided to make the change for a better life when my husband had the chance to transfer at his job. It was a difficult decision but with a little over month into our move we feel like we have made the right decision.

Moving is difficult especially when you are moving cross country and you are moving with a child. I was so busy even a couple of months before we made the final decision to move. I felt like my tasks were non stop and I didn't even have time for my sporadic bladder leakage problem. As I have mentioned before,my body changed after becoming pregnant and having my daughter. I was dealing with bladder leakage in my early to mid 30s. This is something I would have never thought I would have to address that early in life. Before learning about the Impressa Bladder Supports I was using incontinence pads. While I had a good experience with the ones from Poise I still wanted something longer lasting and more permanent. While doing a thousand and one tasks I didn't have time so the Impressa Bladder Supports were the perfect solution.

The Impressa Bladder Supports are a removable product that is non-absorbent and stops bladder leaks before they even begin. The Bladder Supports are very similar to a tampon in look and application. The supports work by gently lifting and giving support to the urethra. By supporting the urethra it prevents those episodes of bladder leakage. I love that you can leave it in for 8 hours so you don't have to think about it and get things done. The bladder supports are soft and flexible so they are easy to use and comfortable for that amount of time.

The best way to get started with the Poise Impressa Bladder supports is to get a sizing kit that you can easily find in Walmart. By getting the kit you can find the size that is a perfect fit for you. You can save up to $4 at Walmart with their rollback price and by using the $2.00 off coupon found in an insert the newspaper.

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