Am I Still Doing The Ketogenic Cleanse?

On February 2nd I started the 30 Day Ketogenic Cleanse by Maria Emmerich. It is a book that you can purchase anywhere books are sold. I got the kindle version from Amazon. The book gives you a 30 day meal plan with step by step instructions for each recipe. After you complete the 30 days there are numerous other recipes to try.  The Ketogenic Cleanse is full of recipes high on the ketogenic scale. The recipes are sugar free, high fat and dairy and nut free. This is a surefire way to get you keto-adapted or into ketosis quickly!

On March 2nd I completed the 30 Day Ketogenic cleanse and was happy to see a 17.4 pound weight loss. As soon as I finished the cleanse I started eating cheese, heavy cream and Starbucks iced coffees again. I quickly started gaining some of the weight that I had lost. When I saw the weight gain, I started to incorporate some of the cleanse recipes back into my weekly meals and saw some weight loss again.

Although the recipes are delicious on the cleanse I did miss eating cheese and having some heavy cream in my coffee. I know that if I stay strictly on the cleanse I won't be able to continue long term. When I get tired of certain foods I tend to give up and binge on foods I shouldn't be eating.

My plan going forward is to eat recipes from the 30 Day Ketogenic cleanse 5 days a week and eat regular keto foods on the remaining two days. This way I can have cheese on my eggs and heavy cream in my coffee a couple of times a week without overdoing the dairy.

No weigh-in for me this week as I enjoyed the Easter weekend with my family. Stay tuned for a weigh-in next week.

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