Stay On Track with DietToGo

Thank you DietToGo for sending me a 3 day sample of the Carb30 plan for an honest review. 

The key to staying on track when you are on a weight loss journey is to be prepared! Even though I know that I still find myself unprepared at times. These times are the ones where I have to make choices outside of my home. Although you can go to a restaurant and order something you think is low carb, there can be lots of hidden carbs.

This summer has been busy for my little family as we enjoy the last time my daughter will be home all day. She will be starting kindergarten in late August so we are spending as much quality time as possible. I honestly would rather be at the pool with my daughter than in the kitchen meal prepping for hours. This is when DietToGo came to me at the perfect time.

DietToGo is a meal delivery company that offers three different plans of healthy and clean foods. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is all planned for you within the macros that is right for you. You don't have to think about what to eat, count calories, or cook. All you have to do is look at the menu of the day, pull out the meal, and heat it up.

Since I am following a ketogenic diet I picked the Carb30 plan. DietToGo has perfectly calculated 3 meals every day that equal up to 30 carbs a day. It's that easy and that tasty too. Everything I had was super delicious and fresh tasting. All of the meals tasted like a personal chef came to cook at my place and not like a frozen TV dinner. The ingredient list of each meal was very minimal and full of whole foods. Unlike the frozen diet meals I have purchased at the supermarket, the DietToGo meals kept me satisfied until the next meal.

DietToGo also offers a Balanced menu plan where you get a little bit of everything that is calorie controlled. The Balance-Diabetes plan is perfect for Diabetics and Pre-diabetics to help keep blood sugar under control. There is even a Vegetarian option.

Have you ever tried a meal delivery company? 

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