How We Replenish After Fall Soccer Class

When I started my daughter in soccer over the summer I didn't think much of it and just wanted her to get some exercise. It helped me get out and be active too by walking the track next to her soccer class. I didn't think she would love soccer as much as she does because she is such a girly-girl. Since she did so well in her soccer class and she loved it, we decided to put her again in the Fall.

We have our little routine every Saturday morning by eating a light breakfast and then preparing an on-the-go lunch to replenish after her class. I let her join me in the lunch making process so that she can really enjoy her lunch. This is one of the tricks I use to get my little picky eater to eat a nutritious lunch. We always start with a sandwich because it's so easy to take with us. This time she decided on a peanut butter and banana sandwich. Then we added some grapes in a little container. To finish off a balanced lunch we always add a Nesquik Chocolate Milk. The 8 ounces bottles are the perfect size for kids.

Since my daughter is hard at work giving her all in soccer class I love that Nesquik is giving her the nutrients she needs to restore tired muscles. With a 3:1 ratio of carbohydrates-to-protein it really is a fuel-packed addition to her after class lunch. The pre-made bottles are so convenient and fit right into her cute little princess lunch bag. She loves the taste of the chocolate milk and I love that it is free of artificial colors and sweeteners.

After her class is over I lay out a blanket and we have lunch together while we talk about the game. She gets so excited about all the new little drills she has learned and I just sit and smile while I listen to her talk a hundred words a minute!

Do your kids play Fall sports? How do they refuel after a game?

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  1. Mine usually have water and some kind of trail bar on hand after strenuous physical activities. The Nesquik sounds like a good option!

  2. My oldest is playing volleyball. She usually gets some juice and a stick of cheese to keep her satisfied before dinner.

  3. This is a great tips, I'd like to spread this tips.

  4. Fall soccer was always a fave at our house too. I love Nesquik, especially since they lowered the sugar content.