Find the Color Pom Pom Christmas Tree

I have been homeschooling my daughter everyday for a few months now. To make it fun for her I found some amazing Christmas themed lessons. She has been more enthusiastic about these lessons but still gives me a hard time sometimes. I wanted to create a Christmas Tree that we could hang up but that also had a lesson included with it. I decided to create the Christmas Tree with some pom poms because that is my daughter's favorite.

First I created the template by creating a green tree and adding some circles. I colored in some of the circles to stand for the ornaments. The circles are the placement holders for the pom poms. I had tons of pom poms but not enough green so I went to to my local craft store to pick up a bag of green pom poms. Then I found some sparkly pom poms for the ornaments.

I printed out the Pom Pom Christmas Tree template onto some card stock so that the art piece would be more durable and easier to hang on the wall. Once I printed out the template I placed it onto my daughter's learning table and spilled out the pom poms next to her. Then I asked her if she could help decorate the Christmas tree by adding the pom poms were they belonged.

To make the process a little less messy I placed some Aleene's Tacky Glue onto a little paper cupcake cup that I had. This way she could dip it in instead of squeezing a ton of glue onto each pom pom. Since the Aleene's Tacky Glue is thicker it helps the pom poms stick on better and stay on faster. When all of the pom poms were placed we let it dry for a few hours before putting it on the wall. I used foam mounting tape to hang up the beautiful pom pom tree.

What Christmas themed lessons or crafts do you do with your kids? 


  1. Such a cute Christmas project! I love that you can hang it up as decoration when it is finished. I miss doing cute projects like this with my kids since my youngest is 8 now and "too old" for these (as she says).

  2. That is just the cutest little decoration! I love those sparkly little poms on here.

  3. Very cute. I did some geometry with my kids with a holiday theme. There are so many shapes involved with holiday decor.

  4. These is so cute and very unique, I love it.