True and The Rainbow Kingdom is Back for Summer!

We were provided with some party supplies to create our own Screening Party. 

School is out for Summer here in North Texas so it leaves this stay-at-home mom with lots of planning to do. This is the first time I am experiencing a child being out of school for over two months. My daughter's routine was so structured when she was at school so it's a big change for her. I do want to make her summer routine more relaxed but I don't want it to be so relaxed that she goes through the Summer Slide. 

We are have our learning time scheduled with work to get her prepared for 1st grade, chapter books to read over the summer and fun science experiments. For activities we are lucky to get to go to our community pool whenever we want, movies, parks and bike riding. 

Finding quality kid shows for her to watch was also a big must this summer. I was so excited to hear that True and the Rainbow Kingdom was back with season 2. My daughter is a huge fan of the show and it is so easy to watch it on Netflix. My daughter loves the characters and all of the bright colors and I love that it's teaching her as it's entertaining her. 

The main character, True reminds me a lot of my daughter. She is super smart, creative and curious. I love how the show teaches kids to "Stop and Breathe" so that they can think about what challenge they are trying to solve and take the steps to do it. I know things are going to be a bit harder in 1st grade than in Kindergarten so this is a great skill to develop over the summer. 

I love that True is a character that my daughter can look up to. She is brave and smart and knows when to ask for help from the power of wishes. I love that it shows my daughter that a little girl like herself can be a hero. When I was a kid, heroes were mostly boys and princesses always had to be saved from princes. 

My daughter was super excited to have our very own Screening Party. She dressed up in her favorite dress and I made some cinnamon buns that she could add sprinkles to. We were lucky to watch the first two episodes and they were so fun to watch. 

Season 2 of True and the Magic Kingdom premieres today, June 15 on Netflix. 


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