Request A Song Mimi by Hallmark

Hallmark made our Christmas super special last year with a visit to the North Pole Communicator at Times Square and a trip to their amazing store at the famous Rockerfeller center. One of the products from Hallmark that my daughter really enjoyed was the Rudolph Interactive Story Buddy. My daughter loved how Rudolph interacted with her when she said certain phrases.

With the amazing iReply technology, Hallmark has created another winner with the Request a Song Mimi doll. Mimi is an adorable little mouse that sings along to seven different original songs. All you have to do is press the button on her foot and tell her the song you want to hear. You can also say "Mimi's choice" and she will randomly pick one out for you. She also comes with a little book with all the lyrics of her songs so you can memorize or just read them as you sing-a-long with Mimi.

My daughter loves singing and probably knows all the words to every song on the Frozen soundtrack so I knew she would love Mimi. As soon as she saw hat the Mimi understood certain phrases like her Rudolph she instantly feel in love and hugged her. She doesn't know the words to the songs yet but I know in no time she will have them memorized. My daughter's favorite song is "Let's All Sing" and she loves to take Mimi by her hands and dance with her and she sings with her.

Click on the link to learn more about Request a Song Mimi. They also have a cool toy microphone and storybook that you can get to complete the set. You can also download a new song every month by clicking the link. We downloaded them onto our iPhones and connect them to radio in the car to entertain her on our long drives.


  1. My daughter would adore this. She loves snuggling stuffed animals, and they could do some cute duets.

  2. Well it's just as cute as can be. I bet my granddaughter would love it.

  3. This is so stinkin cute! My daughter would freak!

  4. I love this!! I don't know about my daughter, but I know my niece would adore this!

  5. We love the monkeys too. I always love these type of movies.

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