First Time Mom and Losing It: Taco Cheese Cups with Baking Wizard Baking Mats

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Taco Cheese Cups with Baking Wizard Baking Mats

**I received the product below free for my review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be a good fit for my readers. All opinions are 100% my own.

I love cooking in my oven but I don't love the mess left behind on baking dishes. I tend to always line my baking dish with aluminum foil to help with the clean up but it tends to make my food stick no matter how much cooking spray I add. The Baking Wizards Silicon Baking Mat was the perfect solution to my baking problems. All you have to do is put the mat on the bottom of your baking dish for a perfectly non stick surface. The mats are super easy to wash and can be reused thousands of times.

For years I have seen these chefs make parmesan crisps on cooking shows so I wanted to try using my new Baking Wizards baking mat to make them. I switched it up to cheddar cheese and thought of forming them into cups to hold my favorite taco bean meat.

To make the cups I first shredded some cheddar cheese on the biggest shred side of a box grater. Then I packed a tablespoon measure with some of the cheese and placed the mound of cheese on the baking mat. Then I carefully spread each mound making sure to leave space in between each round. I placed it in the oven and baked it on 350 degrees for five minutes.

While the cheese rounds are baking I took out a mini muffin tin and placed it upside down. After the five minutes are up I took the cheese round out of the oven and let them cool off for one minute. Then I carefully pried up each round using a spatula. I placed each round on top of a muffin cup and carefully draped them. Let the cheese cups cool down until they are no longer soft. Place them into an airtight container until you are ready to use then.

I took my delicious Turkey and Taco Bean Dip to fill the cups. I added a dollop of homemade guacamole and a slice of radish.

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  1. What an amazing idea! I have to remember this for the next time when we will have guests :)

  2. Those sound awesome. Those would be a HUGE hit in my house, so I am definitely making them.

  3. Yummy, this look delicious. I love how there aren't a bunch of carbs too.

  4. These would be great for a party. And they look fairly easy!

  5. I definitely like that idea--it is unique and since I LOVE cheese I would definitely love them filled with whatever. I do like the idea of the taco meat stuffing.

  6. Those cheese cups are perfect. You could fill them with so many different things!

  7. Oh wow! These look AMAZING! I love those mats! Delish!

  8. These look amazing! I have always wanted to try mats like that!


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