First Time Mom and Losing It: Tushi Wireless Waterproof Pedometer & Sleep Monitor

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Tushi Wireless Waterproof Pedometer & Sleep Monitor

**I received the product below free for my review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be a good fit for my readers. All opinions are 100% my own.

Using a pedometer or activity tracker definitely motivates me to move more. I set daily step goals so I always walk more than I normally would to achieve those goals. Once those goals are met easily I bump up my goal numbers. I have been using an activity tracker since I started on my journey. I was using one of the popular brands but when the band kept breaking and the generic bands caused skin irritation I stopped using it. I stopped walking as much and didn't really have a gauge of how much activity or steps I was getting in.

Now that I am fully restarting my journey with eating properly and starting to go the gym and walk more I really needed another activity tracker. I was so happy to review the Tushi Waterproof Pedometer and Sleep Tracker. It tracks number of steps, distance traveled, calories burned, goal progress and sleep quality and performance.

The Tushi Wireless Fitness Tracker has a Bosch 3D acceleration sensor with 360-degree high sensitivity so it won't miss out on any movements whether they are big or small. It syncs via BlueTooth using a free app on Android or IOS phones and tablets. Once you pair and connect to the app you can easily see the data that was tracked.

It is really comfortable to wear and the clasp is so smooth and close to the silicone band that it didn't bother or irritate my skin. I love how big and bright the OLED is so you can see your data clearly. Seeing my steps and calories burned really motivated me to get more active and move more during the day. When you have met your daily goal the pedometer buzzes to let you know. It was very satisfying to get the little buzz at the end of the day.

Overall I love this new tracker and will be using it during and beyond my weight loss journey. A couple of things I didn't like about the tracker is that sometimes it doesn't respond to my touch at first and I have to swipe or tap a few times for it to register. It took me a while to figure out the app too. I was clicking on the sync button like the directions said but it was the start button that actually syncs your information to the app. Once I figured that out I got to see all of my data together. I also think the app could be improved on with interface and features.

I purchased it on Amazon but it is no longer available at that address. You can find out more about it and purchase one for yourself at the Tushi Website.

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  1. That looks like a great way to stay on track. I like that it monitors sleep, since it's so important to losing weight and health in general.

  2. This looks like a neat little tracker! Best of luck to you on your journey to a healthier you!

  3. I really want a better pedometer! Mine stinks!

  4. I wear an activity tracker and find it very useful particularly at work where I sit a lot, so it reminds me to get off my duff and walk around reguarly. Also, trackers like this can sync to apps like My Fitness Pal if you track calories. That is where they become most useful to help with weight loss!

  5. I don't use a tracker but my Mom is supposed to walk a certain amount each day. I will look into getting this for her.

  6. Love that it's waterproof! I've been toying with the idea of getting a pedometer to motivate me, thanks for the thorough review.

  7. I like that it's super sensitive so all your movements are sure to be recorded!

  8. A waterproof band would be awesome!


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