Handwriting Letter Tiles Printable

I have been homeschooling my three year old consistently since September. We have our little routine and I have acquired a ton of homeschooling supplies. I find free lessons online that are fun for her with themes of characters she likes. I have recently found a whole bunch of nice workbooks at the discount stores and even Aldi's supermarket.

She is doing really well with everything I have taught her but the one thing that she was having difficulty with was writing. She did great with all of the tracing worksheets I have given her but wanted her to start freehand writing. She didn't understand what the lines on writing worksheets meant so her letters were there but all over the place. I tried teaching her what the lines meant but she didn't get it until I thought up the name tiles. My idea was to enlarge the lines and make tiles of them so that she could write the letters one at a time.

To my amazement it worked! My daughter was writing out her name using the guidelines correctly. Within a few days she knew how to write her entire name. A couple of days later she memorized how to spell her name. The first two days we used the tiles, I modeled how each letter should go on the guidelines and then let her do it. After two days I was giving her one tile at a time, asking her what letter came next and then had her write it. I am so proud of my little three year old. We are working on her last name now. She knows how to write every single letter and is now memorizing how to spell it.

Letter Tiles
Step 1: Download the name tiles page. Print out as many as you need for each letter in the first and last name.

Step 2: Cut each name tile out and laminate each tile. Use, erase and reuse.

**Now that my daughter can write every letter in her first and last name and using the guidelines correctly, I have moved on to writing strips. I found these strips in the teacher section of my Dollar Tree and have laminated them to reuse them.

What are your handwriting tips? 

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