Weight Loss Journey: 37 Weeks In!

Weight: I gained  2.8 pounds for an adjusted total of 51.4 pounds lost. I am finally fed up with the scale and will be only weighing in every other week. I know there is no way I gained almost 3 pounds this week but it still is not fun seeing that number. I know I am getting smaller because I literally had nothing to wear when I wanted to go to the zoo and date night. All of my v-neck shirts fit me too big especially around the neck and chest area. I took all of my old t-shirts and put them with my gym clothes because they were all too big. These jeans that I bought a couple of weeks ago already fit me too big and I had to put on a belt. So happy that I have an excuse to go clothes shopping again!

Nutrition: I did so well with my eating 5 1/2 days of the week. I had smoothies for breakfast, lots of veggies and salads. Tons of healthy snacks like hummus and baby cucumbers and nuts. On Tuesday I enjoyed some food from the food court at the zoo and on Wednesday I went all out on a date with my husband with popcorn, a super fried dinner and dessert. After the date night I made sure to eat super healthy and clean the rest of the week

Exercise: I started my week by taking my daughter to the zoo for the first time. It was awesome to be able to walk the whole zoo without getting tired. I got tons of steps in and ran around with my little toddler. I went to the gym 3 times this week and enjoyed an elliptical workout I found on Pinterest. I also got up to 18 minutes on the Arc trainer which is my all time high. It was nice going to the gym at night because it was so empty and so peaceful. I was proud that I hit the gym all three days and even went back to back on Friday and Saturday!

Last Weeks Goals:
  • Gym or DVD 3 times - GOAL MET
  • Strength training 3 times
  • Up water intake - GOAL MET
  • Continue vitamins and probiotics - GOAL MET
  • Try a healthy dessert - GOAL MET
  • Drink at least one cup of green tea a day
This Weeks Goals:
  • Gym or DVD 3 times
  • Strength training 3 times
  • Use the dehydrator to make snacks
  • Drink at least one cup of green tea a day


  1. That little bit of weight gain was probably just fluid from the regular food on date night...Don't sweat it...next time you weigh...you'll be down even more....LOVE your BLOG...!!!

  2. Very nice that you are meeting your goals! I am on day 85 of healthier eating, and I am very pleased with my results.