New Amazon Original Series "Wishenpoof"

**This is a sponsored post written on behalf of KidzVuz and Amazon Kids. All opinions are 100% my own.

I was so pleased when I heard about the new Amazon Original Series called "Wishenpoof"! The Amazon prime show will be available for Prime members starting on August 14th. The series was created by Angela Santomero who also worked with "Blue's Clues" and "Super Why!". "Wishenpoof" is a series about a preschool fairy girl named Bianca who solves problems with her magic and sometimes without. She teaches kids that they have the power to make good choices.

My daughter has been in love with fairies since I bought her some fairy wings and a wand from our local discount store. She loves to just run around pretending she is flying while she puts her "fairy magic dust" on everything! She loved fairies so much that she even asked to be one for Halloween last year.

I was lucky to get an advanced screening of all 13 episodes. I streamed them through my chromecast to the TV and my toddler and I binged watched until it was time for dinner. The episodes were so cute and entertaining that we just kept watching episode after episode. I could really appreciate a kid's show when it is entertaining to an adult.

The first thing I liked about the first episode we saw was that "please" was the magic word to make her magic work properly. Ever since my toddler has been saying "Yes, please!" to everything! I also love how interactive the show is for the kids. My daughter was answering all of the questions and "helping" Bianca out. Her little teddy bear sidekick "Bob" is pretty cute too.

"Wishenpoof" is also a great way to teach kids about problem solving and how it sometimes takes more than one solution to solve a problem. I can see the frustration in my toddler when she can't do things sometimes. I always try to ask her did you try it this way or that way? That usually calms down the tantrum and she usually will think about it and try a different way to do what she wants to do.

In the first episode of "Wishenpoof" Bianca is trying to help her friend who is afraid of preforming at a talent show. First she tries to use her magic to help him, when that didn't work she asks him why he's scared to preform. When he tells her he is afraid people will laugh at him she assures him then the whole audience is full of his friends and no one will laugh at him. He then goes on to perform.

Click on the link to watch the first episode of "Wishenpoof" for free! Be sure to check back on August 14 for more episodes for Amazon Prime members.


  1. I can see how anyone couldn't adore this cute show! I like that there are lessons to be learned in it as well.

  2. Oh how cute is she!!! This looks like a really cute show, my daughter is a little to big for it but Im sure my niece would love it! Im sending this to my sister.

  3. Oh my goodness! This looks adorable! I'm sure there are lots of sweet little girls and boys who will enjoy this new series!

  4. Oh my 5 yr old is gonna just be so excited! We voted on the pilot episode and I wasn't sure if it was coming or not. She's going to be thrilled to see the whole series.

  5. I want to give your daughter a warm hug, she is really cute in her costume.

  6. This sounds like a lot of fun. I will have to show it to the kids when it is available on Amazon.

  7. I didn't know Amazon had kids shows on demand. How awesome!

  8. This is a sponsored post written on behalf of KidzVuz and Amazon Kids. All opinions are 100% my own.

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