Acoco Electric Nail Polisher

I have always had uneven and dry nail plates that always peeled. I would always use those big box nail buffers that were hard to use and too rough. I also tried to skip the buffers and go to nail ridge polish but it didn't make my nails look smooth enough so back to the buffers it was.

I was excited to try the Acoco Electric Nail Polisher, not only was it electric but the buffers were small enough to go evenly on the nail plate. It was easy to install the AA batteries and with one button that goes up and down for left and right it was super easy to use. I love that you get three different rollers so that it does all of the work in one tool.

The grey roller is great to shape your nails and to smooth out any deep ridges in the nail plate. The green roller buffs out any unevenness to the nail plate. The pink roller beautifully polishes the nail plate so that it looks like you used clear nail polish.
Three Steps to Get Shiny Nails
1. Use the included Gray roller insert to file your nails to your desired shape
Although you can file your nails to any shape as you wish, we do suggest a square shape for your nails to help all your nails keep a more beautiful shape and its growth
2. Use the included Green roller insert to smoothen the surface of your nails, and prepare for polishing. But take care not to buff your nails over 20s, or make your nails too thin
3. Use the included pink roller insert to polish your nails, and provide a natural looking shine, this step can be repeated until you achieve your favorite shiny level 

You can order your own Acoco Electric Nail Polisher on Amazon. 

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