Weight Loss Journey: Week 31 + 32

Week 31: I had a very busy and stressful week and didn't have a chance to blog at all. I did good all week with my eating until the weekend came and I gave into my temptations and had a cheat dinner with sweets on Saturday and Sunday. I gained 4.9 pounds from the horrible eating. I didn't exercise at all because I hurt my back while I was reorganizing and moving around heavy items.

Week 32: I decided to try the Egg Fast to recover from the damage of the cheat meals and to jumpstart my weight loss. I am super excited to say that I lost 10 pounds! I am currently down 70.1 pounds and weigh less than when I originally started blogging about my weight loss. I really enjoyed doing the egg fast and will be doing it once a month to help keep my weight loss consistent. On Thursday I am going to be blogging about my experience on the egg fast with detail and video.

I followed the Egg Fast 7 - Day Meal plan from the I Breathe I'm Hungry Blog. I followed every single meal and didn't eat anything outside of the plan. I didn't drink diet soda or consume any artificial sweeteners. I didn't add any heavy cream to my coffee and had at least 112 ounces of water a day. Most of the food was absolutely delicious and I didn't even feel deprived. I was extremely full throughout the week and even had to force myself to eat to stick to the plan. 

Although it is ok to exercise on the egg fast I decided not to exercise so that I could see how much I could lose by just following the meal plan. I felt energized the entire week and did lots of cleaning and walking. Although the weather was not best, I still went out for my walks. Over the weekend I unboxed my new FitBit Alta and it definitely gave me motivation to walk even more. I am even planning on going to the gym this week to give my Alta a workout :) I am also going to be starting up the FeFit Program where I left off.  

  • Take vitamins and probiotics.
  • Get in 7000 daily steps. 
  • Continue with the FeFit program.
  • Gym at least 3 times this week. 
  • Bone broth for lunch at least every other day.
  • Start Plank Challenge. 


  1. I am so in the mood to gobble down like 10 eggs... And your egg photos are only making me want to devour them more!

  2. I never heard of an egg fast, but it sounds delicious. Great job on losing so much weight!