Weight Loss Bullet Journal Update

I started a Weight Loss Bullet Journal in the middle of March. I wanted a fun way to keep track of my weight loss journey. I love to check and color boxes when I have completed something. I also tend to get things done when I write them down so a bullet journal was perfect for me.

Progress: I finally took my measurements on March 25th and took some full body pictures. I plan to measure myself once a month to see how many inches I have lost. I also plan on taking full body pictures once a month wearing the same clothes so that I can see differences no matter how small. I want to track my measurements so that when I don't see the pounds lost on the scale, I can see the inches that I have lost.

100 Pounds Goal Tracker: Losing 100 pounds is one of the big weight loss goals I have for this journey. I drew one hundred boxes so that I could color one in every time I lose a pound. I was able to color in 20 boxes so far and feel so proud of myself whenever I get to color one in. Twenty colored boxes means I am 1/5 of the way towards my goal of losing 100 pounds.

Monthly Lost: I love to keep track of the weight I have lost each month in one place. My goal is to loss 100 pounds in one year so I know I have to lose at least 8.33 pounds a month to reach this goal. From March to April I lost a total of 13.4 pounds. That is 5 pounds over my goal for the month. It is exciting to see the that number because I know as the months go by and I get smaller I will not lose as much. The adjusted monthly weight loss goal to reach 100 pounds in one year is now 7.87 pounds a month.

Mini Goals: I just started a page for mini goals. I think it's a good idea to set mini goals that you know you can complete. Little goals like drinking 64 ounces of water or taking 10,000 steps is easily doable when you are motivated and can keep track of them. This is a great way to keep them together and color in your accomplishments as you do them.

Meal Planning: I was always doing my meal plan on this old notebook where I just wrote on any blank page I found. I would often lose the page and then have to change the meals I had planned. Now that I am doing the cleanse it's important for me to follow it so it's nice to have my meal plan in my journal so that I can easily go back and look at it.

Do you keep a weight loss journal?