Week: 5 + Keto Cleanse Week: 1

Weigh In: On Saturday I weighed in at 286.2 pounds. That is a weight loss of 6 pounds for the week and a total of 19.2 pounds since I started on March 10th. 

This week was pretty tough for me because it is the first time in my life that I have experienced allergies. I never knew how sick and out of it you feel when you have allergies. I was supposed to start the ketogenic cleanse on Monday but did not because I wasn't feeling my best. The ketogenic cleanse recipes are very involved with a lot of steps and ingredients so I just couldn't commit to the time it takes to create the meals. I ate out a few times and kept easy things to prepare like hard boiled eggs and rotisserie chicken.

Food: On Wednesday I felt a little better so I decided to start the first day of the 30 Day Ketogenic Cleanse. For meal one I had the Rosti with Bacon and for meal 2 and 3 it was the Umami Burger and Lemon Pepper wings. 

On Thursday I woke up with a really bad sore throat and had to go to the doctor's office. Turns out I had sinus congestion and tonsillitis. The doctor put me on some medicine. Since we were at the doctor's all day and I didn't feel well we decided to get a rotisserie chicken and made a quick side of green beans to go along with it. 

Friday I felt a little better so I got back on the keto cleanse. I changed the days and meals around so that I could eat the Umami burger leftovers I had in the fridge.

Exercise: Since I wasn't feeling well I didn't get to take family walks like I planned. My steps on my FitBit averaged to 6,070.  

Going Forward: I am going to continue with the 30 Day Ketogenic Cleanse. I am planning on swapping some of the recipes in the meal plan so that I can try some of the other recipes in the book. I am going to take at least 3 family walks this week. I also want to start the Fe Fit Exercise program during my morning fast. To keep me motivated I plan to continue to make my YouTube videos and write in my weight loss journal. 


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