Memorial Day Flag Fun with Stickers + Printable

If you celebrate Memorial Day with the kids this is the perfect activity to keep them busy. I have been lightly homeschooling my toddler and love to create holiday themed learning activities for her to do. It is easy for me to try to explain to her why we have certain holidays while she has her hands busy with some crayons and stickers. Even though we don't have close family in the military I showed her some military heroes from some coloring pages that I printed out and explained to her why we celebrate them.

This activity is super easy to do and has lots of opportunities to learn different things like numbers, colors and shapes. I explained to her why there were 13 stripes on the flag and why we should put fifty stars on the blue rectangle. I know she is too young to understand what it really means but I love to just immerse her in as much information as possible. Then we went over the different shapes on the flag and she explained to me why each shape was a rectangle. She knows all of her shapes by now and can tell me how many sides each shape has.

This activity is super cheap too because all you have to do is print this printable and get some star reward stickers in the dollar store. First I took the stickers and peeled off the excess sticker paper. It is easier for my toddler to peel off the stars that way. I laid out the blue and red stickers and the printable. Then I added a sticker in each section of the stripes to show where each color went. Then we counted out fifty silver stars and had fun fitting them all in the blue rectangle.

How do you celebrate Memorial Day with your family? 

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  1. I LOVE this idea and Happy Memorial Day! This so reminds me of childhood memories and bingo fun!