Mother's Day 3D Flower Photo Tutorial

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Ever since I can remember I always made my mom homemade gifts for Mother's Day. I remember having my glitter, glue, crayons and construction paper out to make my mom the best card I could. My mom always made such a big deal about my gifts because she would proudly display them and show them to everyone.

Now that I am an adult I like to always include something handmade with my gifts to her. Things are a lot easier when you have kids because all you have to do is stick a picture of a grandkid anywhere and that would be the best gift a grandmother can get. I have made her tons of personalized photo gifts like mugs, photo collages and even a blanket but wanted to do something different this year.

I wanted to create a photo of my daughter that looked like she was giving my mom a flower. Then I made it 3D by printing out the photo and cutting little slits to put a real flower through. To do this I went outside handing my daughter a roll of contact paper. (I wanted it to look like she was holding the stem of a flower). I took tons of shots to have a lot to choose from for the perfect shot.

First I took a picture of my daughter holding her hand out like she was holding a flower. I made sure to take a ton of shots to have a lot to choose from for the perfect shot. Printing out the picture was super easy with my HP Envy 5660 because all I have to do is pop in my SD card and use the touch screen to pick my picture. Then I load up the HP 5" x 7" Photo card into the printer and print away. The quality is so amazing that it looks like I got the picture developed at a photo lab. I followed the same steps to print out the Frame Printable.

Then I took the photo of my daughter and used an exacto knife to cut slits at the top and bottom of her fist. I took a silk flower and cut it from the bunch then I threaded it through the slits on the fist. I cut about 3/4" from the top of the picture. Then I used photo squares on each corner of the back of the photo and taped it onto the frame printable.

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  1. I have that printer and absolutely love it. I think this is an awesome idea to do with it.

  2. I'm positive your Mom will love that present--what grandmother wouldn't!!

  3. That is so super smart and creative. I think I'll try something like this as well.

  4. Very neat trick to spruce up Mother's day cards!

  5. What a cute idea for Mother's Day! Personalization makes all the difference.

  6. I just got a bouquet of flowers. I think I need to try this. It looks so cute!!

  7. This is too cute. i know my mom would love it.