Five Must Have Exercise Equipment For A Home Gym

I still have not found the time to go to the gym so I have been doing a lot of exercise at home. Now that the weather is warmer I am going to to take my walks with my toddler but I still need to do my strength training, HIIT and yoga at home.

Extra Thick Floor Mat: My apartment is on the second floor so I try my best to find quiet exercise videos for cardio. Even though I found some really great quiet videos you really can't help still making some kind of noise. I use the Extra Thick Floor Mat to "cushion" some of the noise. I put the mat right on top of my area rug in front of the TV. Sometimes it moves a bit so I try to anchor it at the corners with my couch. When I am done I just roll it back up and put it in my little office/storage room.

Resistance Bands: I love resistance bands because they give you a great workout while still being portable. I have three different resistance weights so I can work a variety of muscles. I love that when I am finished with them I can just roll them up and put them in a bag with my other exercise equipment.

Exercise/Stability Ball: An exercise ball is perfect for working out your core and stability. It is also great to sit down on while you are doing arm work because it works on your core while your are engaging your arm muscles.

Foam Roller: I have been using a foam roller for a couple of weeks now. I use it to stretch out and to give myself a deep massage on my back and hip muscles. Since you have to lift yourself to use the roller I can feel my arms getting a workout too. Review to come soon on my Rolling With It Foam Roller.

Yoga Blocks: I have been doing Yoga a few times a month since the year started. I started with very basic moves since I am still working on my flexibility. I finally took my yoga blocks out and started using them to assist me on more intermediate moves. They are perfect to hold on to when you can't reach the floor.

Do you have at home exercise equipment that you love? 


  1. Those are all great ideas. For me, a kettle bell is a MUST.

  2. That's great. I need a good exercise mat. I just got resistant bands, but not sure how to use them just yet.

  3. That mat is a genius idea! I'm in an apartment as well and always worry about how loud I am when I'm exercising. And I need some resistance bands, they seem so much easier to store than a bunch of weights.

  4. I have to hide my exercise equipment. Otherwise my resistance bands become ways to tie up your siblings. I need to add an extra thick mat to my collection. The hardwood floor isn't my friend.

  5. I have small weights and half a foam roller! I need the exercise ball for sure and think the elastic bands would be great too ! I love your list for sure!

  6. I LOVE all of your picks. One additional item to consider is a BOSU Ball. It is expensive but definitely elevates your workout to a new level with many options for modifying exercises you are already doing and lots of new and fun exercises.