Healthy Preschooler Lunches in 2016

Thank you Del Monte for sponsoring today's post.

Now that the holidays are over, it is time to focus on getting healthy and starting the new year right. My family has been on a weight loss journey since August 31 so we ended 2015 with success! We want to continue with losing weight, getting active and giving our preschooler healthy foods. One of the meals we always struggled with was lunch because she is so picky. It is a new year and a new us so I wanted to make her lunches more creative and nutritious with the help of my favorite brands.

Young children are visual little people so it helps to make their lunches fun and colorful. Instead of a boring sandwich I took the Pepperidge Farm® Swirl Bread and made little cream cheese roll ups with them. All you have to do is take a slice of bread and roll is flat with a rolling pin (or cup). Then you spread a thin layer of cream cheese and roll it up.

My daughter loves all kinds of fruit which I am pretty proud of but sometimes it is out of season and really expensive. I am glad I have the option of the high quality fruit cups from Del Monte. Now with the Del Monte® Fruit & Veggie Fusions not only is she getting nutrients from the fruits but she is getting nutrients from the vegetable juice. Since the vegetable juice is infused with the fruit juice she doesn't even know it. To decorate the top of the fruit cup I love to add a special little note attached with a sticker.

Frigo® CheeseHeads® Cheese Snacks are one of my daughter's all time favorite snacks. I love that they are packed with calcium and protein and in a single serving package.  I like to wrap the napkin and utensil onto the cheese snack with a couple of pipe cleaners. After she is finished with her lunch she can entertain herself with the pipe cleaners.

What do you do to make your kid's lunch boxes fun? 


  1. I do love that you put notes into your child's lunchbox! I also love those fruit cups and often have one as an after dinner dessert. Never tried that brand of cheese stick-but now I will--love my cheese in any form or shape I can get it!!

  2. I love that you have included all the food groups - a nice, tasty and healthy lunch!

  3. I totally like this idea, this would be perfect for my kids.

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