My Keto Pantry & Fridge

My husband and I have been on a Keto Weight Loss journey since August 31. We have lost a combined 132 pounds. I lost 50 and he lost 82. I think that this way of eating has been successful for us because we are never hungry and get to enjoy delicious foods. A ketogenic (keto) diet is where you eat 20g or less of carbs, a low/moderate amount of protein and a high amount of fat. Your percentages of food should be 5% Carbs, 20% Protein and 75% Fat.

Since I have been making so many different recipes I have acquired a great keto pantry (and fridge).

Alternative Sweetener:
  • Erythritol - I use this whenever I am baking or when a recipe calls for a granulated sweetener. 
  • Liquid Stevia - I use about 5 drops in my coffee every morning. 
  • Ez-Sweetz - Liquid Sucralose. I use this in all of my recipes that don't call for a granular sweetener. This is what my husband uses in his coffee. It takes a couple of drops to sweeten without an aftertaste. 

Almond Flour: This is the flour I use in almost all of my baking and biscuit recipes. I use it to make pizza crusts using the fat-head recipe and as breading for things like my chicken tenders.

Oat Fiber: Since it is made up of fiber the carbs cancel out. I don't usually count net carbs (carbs - fiber) but for the oat fiber I do. This powder makes things taste like they have wheat in them so it's good for dessert crusts and biscuits.

Cream Cheese: You will use a lot of cream cheese if you are making keto recipes. I use cream cheese to make my favorite oopsie rolls, to make fat head pizza, to make cream cheese pancakes and so much more. I buy the Aldi brand because it currently has 1g of carbs per serving.

Pork Rinds: They are really good to snack on and to eat with dips. They can also be pulverized into dust to substitute for any kind of breading. I have also used them to make keto puppy chow.

Coconut Oil: It's the holy grail in a keto kitchen. I put it in my coffee to make bulletproof coffee. I also use it to make fat bombs. It's the perfect way to get your fat in on a keto diet.

Avocado Oil: I use this oil to fry, for cooking and in my keto coleslaw recipe. It's great to use in cooking because of it's high heat point.

** Please note that I am not a doctor or nutritionist. I just wanted to share what has been working for my husband and I. Please seek advice from your doctor first before starting any diet or exercise program.


  1. Those are some good choices. I have not tried Erythritol. I will have to look for it.

  2. That looks a lot like my pantry! I love healthy fats like coconut and avocado oils. There's always cream cheese in the fridge. Almond flour, not as often as it's pretty pricey for me. I love xylitol, but since we have a lab puppy now (who will grow big enough to snatch stuff, unlike our little old diva dog that we've had for several years and can't reach anything), I'm switching to eryitritol. Sad that xylitol is poisonous to dogs! But I do ok with erythritol occasionally. I mostly use stevia. Great peek into your keto pantry!

  3. Coconut oil is one of those miracle products that can do almost anything. I always have some in my pantry.

  4. Sadly, all foods we don't have in our pantry. We stick with non-artificial sweeteners and just make sure we cut elsewhere.

  5. I never heard of the Keto Diet before. I definitely need to loose weight and since it sounds like it is doing amazing for you and your hubby I think I should consider trying it!

  6. Keto Diet, sounds good. oat fiber is really good. This would help me to start my diet.

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