How I Am Boosting My Chances of Conceiving Baby #2

Now that my little princess is officially 3 my husband and I have had the talk about baby #2. We both come from big families so we want to give her a sibling. My husband always wanted 3 or more children and I was always OK with 2. Since I am in my mid thirties and he is in his early forties we decided that the perfect time is now for baby #2.

We would always talk about having kids and what we would name them even as we were just dating. We got married and hoped for a honeymoon baby. Three years of struggle and then having to lose weight and getting some help we finally conceived our princess. Us both being older in age we don't have three years to do it so I am taking the following steps to boost my chances of having a baby very soon.

Losing Weight: Every single ailment I have I know stems from my weight. As soon as I lose some pounds my back stops hurting, I am more energetic, and overall happier. I have started this journey with my husband and I know that with every pound lost it helps our chances.

Nutrition: There are certain foods that you should increase and certain foods you should decrease if you are TTC. It is a good idea to eat a balanced diet and avoid excess saturated fat. Foods to increase are those high in antioxidants.

Exercise: Working out can decrease stress especially when you are trying and it doesn't happen. It can also help you gain energy and lose weight to go towards a healthier BMI.

Using Astroglide TTC Trying to Conceive™: Did you know that using some kinds of lubricant while TTC can hinder your chance of conceiving?  Astroglide TTC™ gives sperm a better chance of survival compared to regular lubricants . Sometimes being intimate with your partner while trying to conceive can be stressful so Astroglide TTC™ can help things continue smoothly.

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