Cute & Easy Easter Ideas for Preschoolers

I can not say enough how much we love to celebrate the holidays. Things are so much more fun when you have a child that truly enjoys getting treated extra special. Our holidays always starts with a special breakfast, something fun to wear in our hair and something fun on our t-shirts. Later on we will have a festive snack and then for Easter, the opening of the baskets starts.

I love starting every holiday with a festive breakfast. It almost always includes a decorated pancake. I thought it would be fun to bake the pancakes in the oven using these silicone egg shaped trays. We added fresh strawberry puree to make the pancake eggs pink and then drizzled on some melted white chocolate. My daughter had fun decorating the pancake eggs with Easter sprinkles and candy.

We always dress for the holiday and the easiest way is to decorate a t-shirt. I love using wax paper as stencils to quickly paint on a cute design. You can do a search for whatever you want and the word "stencil" and the possibilities are endless. Since my daughter loves glitter I decided to use glitter glue and glitter in place of the fabric paint. A cute little pompom completed the design.

To go along with the shirt I made a super simple bunny ear headband. I made the headband black so that it would blend in with my daughter's hair. She loved how fluffy they were. It was so comfortable that she left it on all day.

Every toddler & preschooler I know is obsessed with those Kinder surprise eggs. Since they are banned in the US I decided to make my own with some safe toys inside. It was amazingly easy to do and my preschooler thought they were the real thing.

Since my daughter is old enough to craft with me she helped me decorate some pudding cups. We made them look like little girls dressed in Easter dresses.

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