Scrub Bugs Are Keeping The Icky Germs Away

Being a first time mom I try to keep everything including my daughter's hands as clean as possible. I know that the first way to reduce the germs that make you sick is to clean your hands. As soon as we come back home from being outside my daughter goes into our routine. She takes off her shoes next to the door, takes off all of her outer clothing and straight to the bathroom to wash her hands.

The older she gets the more we want her to do for herself. Now that she is three and can reach the sink she knows how to open the faucet, pump soap into her hands and lather up until she sees bubbles. I truly believe that keeping a routine like this has really helped keep her healthy with the very rare occasions of being sick.

When I saw the Scrub Bug I thought it was a genius idea! I have been thinking of ways to get the dirt under my daughter's nails and the Scrub Bug really took care of that. With the sponge and brush combination, hands get cleaned OVER 3X BETTER than ordinary hand washing. The combination of the sponge and brush really gets in between fingers, in grooves, and under nails.

I love that the Scrub Bug was created by a mom after watching her daughter brush her teeth. She thought if we used a tool like a brush for our teeth why not use something like that for our hands too. She then thought of the way surgeons clean their hands with a sponge and brush combination and the Scrub Bug came to life. I also love that she made it cute, bright and fun for kids to want to use all by themselves.

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