First Time Mom and Losing It: DIY Educational Paper Dolls and Clothes + Printables

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

DIY Educational Paper Dolls and Clothes + Printables

My daugher loves playing dress up with her dolls. She is forever taking off outfits and putting on different ones with her Barbies. She got this really cool Doc McStuffins magnetic play doll that she loved to change the clothes on so I decided to make that like more educational. I designed a paper doll and some clothes, laminated it and added some sticky velcro. Then I made flash cards for each article of clothing so she could begin reading and memorizing how the words are spelled.

To make your own Educational Paper Dolls and Clothes:

1. Print out the following printables: doll, clothes, flash cards.

2. Carefully cut out the pieces of clothing.

3. Place the pieces of clothing into a laminating sheet sleeve. Make sure none of the pieces of clothes overlap and has a little bit of space all around.

4. Laminate the entire sheet of the doll printable.

5. Cut fourteen little pieces of velcro. Remove the paper backing of 5 pieces of velcro and place the soft part of the velcro onto the doll where indicated.

6. Take the pieces of the rough part of the velcro, remove the paper backing and place it on top of the pieces of velcro that you added to the doll earlier. Place the pieces of clothing correctly on top of the doll and press down so that the sticky part of the rough pieces of velcro stick onto the clothing. Repeat this step for all of the pieces of clothing.

After playing with the dolls for a while my daughter now knows what each piece of clothing is called. I started showing her the flashcards and reading them to her and now she knows how to read hat and shoes. I know that she will be reading all of the words in no time.

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  1. omg! I remember how much fun paper dolls were when I was a kid!

  2. How adorable! What little girl wouldn't love those?

  3. having a boy myself I have forgotten these little things, now thinking back I remember making with my grandma! :)

  4. I used to love playing with paper dolls. This does sound like a great way to teach words and spelling or just the names of objects.

  5. This is something a little girl I watch would LOVE she loves to dress up her dolls! I will have to make some for her or tell her mother about! How creative!

  6. These are so cute! I love paper dolls!

  7. How cute are those! I just loved paper dolls when I was a little girl.

  8. This is precious! I love the velcro idea!

  9. This is precious! I love the velcro idea!

  10. I really love your idea of using velcro strips. That is super clever! I have a soft spot for paper dolls. :)

  11. This is so cute! My daughter would love to dress paper dolls like this. What a clever idea!

  12. The velcro is a genius addition! I used to play with paper dolls a lot when I was a kid, and those little tabs were such a pain!


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