First Time Mom and Losing It: Gurin Rechargeable Water Flosser

Friday, June 26, 2015

Gurin Rechargeable Water Flosser

**I received the product below free for my review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be a good fit for my readers. All opinions are 100% my own.

I try to take care of my teeth now more so because I like to set good examples for my daughter. Whenever she sees me do something she wants to do it too so I have a very happy teeth-brusher. I have always had difficulty flossing with regular string floss so I have always used the stick flossers with disposable tips. Those have been getting harder and harder to find at my local drug store so I was happy to be able to review the Gurin Water Flosser.

I had a water flosser years ago that came with a huge compartment to fill with water. Then you had all these tubes that needed to be connected not to mention also having to plug it into the wall. Bathrooms in NYC are pretty small so it was really cumbersome. I love that the Gurin Water Flosser is rechargeable so I don't have to worry about plugging it in. I also love that the water goes right into the flosser and I don't have to worry about having a huge container to fill.

Even though it is so much smaller and compact it still is super powerful too. You get three different settings with soft, normal and pulse. I started off with the soft until I got used to the pressure and then moved on to the normal. The pulse is great for a gum massage too. It did take some getting used to. You have to make sure to keep it at a 90 degree angle and keep your mouth slightly open to let the water trickle out. The first few times I used it I had a pretty wet shirt and had difficulty getting the back teeth. After using it a few more times I got the hang of it and knew the right angle to get the back teeth without getting wet. After using it my teeth and mouth felt extremely clean and fresh.

The flosser is really easy to clean and I love that it comes with two tips so that my husband can also use it. I highly recommend purchasing the Gurin Water Flosser to help step up your oral care routine. Click on the link to learn more about the Gurin Water Flosser and purchase it on Amazon.

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  1. I have been wanting something like this. Sounds like a much easier way to floss.

  2. I have always wanted to try one of these flossers! They sound like they are easy to use and really effective.

  3. This looks really awesome ! My dentist told me that everyone should be using a water flosser but I just haven't gotten one yet. I'll have to look into this one.

  4. I tend to brush too hard so I really need to get something like this to be gentler to my gums.

  5. I purchased one like this for my wife a year or so ago and she swears by it now. I need to find one for myself and this looks like a good choice.

  6. There's nothing better than that fresh from the dentist feel. I love that you can get that same feeling at home.

  7. I just love it when my moth feels completely fresh and clean! Totally want to try this!

  8. A water flosser is a great idea. I like the way your mouth feels when you're done with one.

  9. Fantastic Product of Gurin Brand

  10. How many uses does the pick last for until the battery charge last for? I will be without electricity for a few days on a trip abroad.

    1. The charge lasts for a super long time .. I would say I probably charge it once a month.


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