Boosting My Weight Loss Journey with REM-Fit

**I received the products below free for my review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be a good fit for my readers. All opinions are 100% my own.

An activity tracker has really helped me become more active. It was the competitor in me that wanted to beat my friend's steps. Being the only one left that continued to use a tracker I had no one to compete with and my activity lessened. Last week I didn't even feel like exercising the entire week and kept busy with other things.

When I got my REM-Fit Active band in the mail I was so excited to have some new fitness gear that I went on a walk to try it out the very next day. I quickly learned that the REM-Fit Active was going to give me more of a challenge than I thought. It doesn't just count steps but it counts distance, calories burned, ActivePoints, SleepPoints and a 360 LifeScore. The challenge comes with the ActivePoints which are given with the intensity and duration of your activity. When I saw that my walks were not giving me many ActivePoints I stepped it up by doing some TaeBo! Wanting more ActivePoints is really motivating me to step up my exercise game so I am planning on hitting the gym this week.

After an active and long day I was excited to try my REM-Fit Rest 400 Series pillow. It is easily adjustable to your preference of thickness by removing or adding the little balls shown in the .gif before. It was kind of heavy and big so I wasn't sure how comfortable it would be. Then I woke up after seven and a half hours of deep sleep. I woke up with no aches and pains in my shoulders or neck like I have before. Sleeping over 7 hours is huge for me since I go to sleep so late and then have to wake up early with my little preschooler. If you wake up achy or have trouble getting more than 7 hours of sleep I highly recommend this pillow.

Get 20% off at when you use code MF20.

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Wordless Wednesday: Happy Thanksgiving!

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Fall Weight Loss: Week 12

I lost 1.1 pounds for a total weight loss of 33.6 pounds.

I stayed on plan the entire week and only ate out for one meal. I have been doing really well with the meal planning and have been trying to use up my food stock. I am still loving the oopsie rolls this week and made a big batch to eat with sandwiches. For the meal I ate out I had a beef shish kebab from a street vendor. Then we treated my daughter and nephew to some fast food. Big mistake because they gave me a regular coke instead of diet! I took one sip and knew right away and had to change it. About fifteen minutes later I had the biggest headache I had in a long time. This experience is enough to make me never want a cheat day. 

I went on walks almost every day this week and even took an extra walk while doing laundry just to track some extra steps and points on my new REM-Fit Active tracker. Walking is becoming so enjoyable for me now and I love the quality time my toddler and I spend outside together. We talk about the trees and the leaves and the birds and it's fun explaining to her how everything works. I decided to get even more points on my tracker by doing some TaeBo. I asked my daughter to join me and she became my workout buddy. I was amazed that I could do everything and the workout was perfect because there wasn't too much jumping around or noise making for the neighbors downstairs. One of my legs has been bothering me for a week now and the TaeBo heightened the pain the next day. I took a break from exercising and walking that day and then was back to myself after that. I still haven't done any strength training this week so I am going to make that a priority this week. I am also going to try to hit the gym at least 2 days this week.

  • Take vitamins and probiotics.
  • Get in 8000 daily steps. 
  • Strength training workouts at least 4 times this week. 
  • Go to gym at least 2 days this week
  • Stay on plan even on Thanksgiving!

To indulge or not to indulge? What will you be eating this Thanksgiving?

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Staying on Track: Low Carb Thanksgiving

Twelve weeks into my journey and I have no desire to cheat or have a cheat day. Thanksgiving is a huge eating holiday where you get together and get stuffed. The old me would have a cheat day because it's the holidays. Then the cheat day would continue because I had to eat the leftovers. Then with the thoughts of Christmas dinner coming I would always talk myself into starting again on January 1. That's not going to happen to me this year.

This way of eating has really been easy for me because of the foods we can eat. There are so many alternative recipes to carby foods so I never feel like I am missing out. To keep my Thanksgiving low carb & keto I am going to be eating the following recipes.

Chipotle Crispy Skinned Pernil: Being Puerto Rican we usually have a pernil with every big family get together. With the pork being fattier than turkey it is a perfect substitute for the main protein. I love how I spiced it up with chipotle and the crispy skin really gives it decadence.

Low Carb Sour Cream and Chive Mash: Mashed potatoes has always been my husband and I's favorite side dish. I am so glad that by steaming cauliflower and adding some cream, sour cream, butter and cream cheese to it, it tastes just like mashed potatoes. My secret is to squeeze out all of the water using a ricer and putting it into my Ninja blender. This makes my mash super smooth and creamy.

Low Carb Baked "Mac" n Cheese: A Puerto Rican Thanksgiving would always be arroz con gandules (rice) and potato salad. Since rice is a no-go in a low carb way of eating I decided to substitute it with my "mac" and cheese. It has all of the taste of a mac and cheese without the carbs and heaviness of pasta.

Screaming Heads: Brussels Sprouts Gratin: I saw this recipe on the Food Network years ago and have been making it for Thanksgiving ever since. I will be making this recipe without the flour and substituting a little bit of xanthan gum as the thickener.

Low Carb Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake: I love cheesecake and I love pumpkin pie so what a perfect way to have them both. This pie looks so rich and decadent that I know I will only need a little sliver of it.

Do you stay on plan when you are celebrating the Holidays? 

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Star Wars Yoda Headband + Get a Free Droid Viewer!

When I was shopping for some cereal I was so excited to see the Star Wars boxes by General Mills! My daughter quickly got excited too and asked if we could get a couple of boxes, one for her and one for her cousin. My nephew has been such a huge fan that he loves to act out stories with my daughter and his sister. It's cute how he explains to a couple of three year olds who each character is.

My daughter loves snacking on cereal and I love that they are made with whole grain oats. I made some cute little Star Wars snack bags. I also made some Star Wars headbands and light sabers to go along with the theme. After snacking on the cereal I let her look in the boxes to see which droid view finder we got. There are 6 collectible droid view finders shaped like the characters from The Force Awakens movie. Each droid view finder features a unique, exclusive scene from the movie.

Yoda Headband
  • 2 sheets of light green felt 
  • 1 sheet of green felt
  • plastic headband
  • fabric glue
  • hot glue gun
  • yoga ears template
Step 1: Print out the template and carefully cut out the pattern pieces. Place the pattern pieces on top of the two sheets of light green felt and cut out. You should have two pieces of each ear.

Step 2: Cut out the dark green part of the pattern pieces and place on top of the green felt. Cut out.
Take the two pieces of each ear and place some fabric glue in between and press down to paste them together. Leave a 1/4" from the wide end open. Repeat for both ears. Take some more fabric glue and glue the dark green pieces to the ears. 

Step 3: Take a piece of the light green felt and using some hot glue cover the plastic headband. Glue the ears to the headband. 

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DIY Weight Loss Tracker Magnets

I have been on this weight loss journey since August 31 and have lost __ pounds so far. Keeping track of my successes really helps push me to do better and better as the weeks go by. I wanted a fun way to keep track of my weight loss so I added a new addition to my Weight Loss Command Center.

When I first started, I kept track by putting a magnetized pom pom on the weight lost side for every pound I lost. My board was getting full of pom poms and I didn't want to have to keep making pom pom magnets for each pound that I lost. I decided to make it easier for me to track and count my pounds lost by making magnets for each number in the 10s. I think it will also be fun to collect the magnets as a milestone and a reward for each time I hit another 10 pounds lost.

  • Numbers template
  • Flat Craft Bottle Caps
  • Clear Epoxy Adhesive Seal Stickers
  • Tacky White Glue
  • Super Strong Adhesive

Step 1: Print out the numbers template using the fit option onto card stock. Cut each circle out and set aside.

Step 2: Use a strong white glue to place a little bit of glue on the front of the bottle cap. Place one of the circle templates in the middle and press and glue in place. Repeat with the rest of the templates.

Step 3: Carefully place a seal sticker on top of each glued bottle cap.

Step 4: Use the super strong glue to attach a magnet to the back of each bottle cap magnet. Allow to dry for at least 6 hours before using.

**I found most of the supplies on Amazon.

What fun ways do you use to keep track of your weight loss?

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Wordless Wednesday: Fall Legoland

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