Weight Loss Journey Part 2 - Week 2

I have to say that even though the stomach bug I got last week was a horrible experience it did make my second week on the weight loss journey a lot easier. I didn't have a huge appetite and didn't crave bad carbs like white bread and pasta. I felt like I was fuller longer and didn't have the urge to snack at night.

I went into the kitchen this week and tried to make over a lot of the dishes that I like. I attempted to make creamed spinach, mac and cheese with cauliflower and a blue cheese burger. All of them were pretty much failed attempts but I will keep tweaking them to get the best recipe before I share them. I made these almond buns that were pretty good but need to be tweaked a little more.

I decided to shock my body a bit by doing low carb one day and alternating it with the Dr. Oz Rapid Weight loss program the next day. I followed the Dr. Oz diet even doing the detox baths at night.

Since I have planned out my exercise for the week and I picked beginner workouts I stuck to it and did them. I even did them early in the morning the two days that I had events to go to and lots of errands to run. Since the nasty snow piles all around my neighborhood have been melting I decided to start walking around the block on the days that my husband was off. It was nice to get some fresh air and give my body an extra workout by walking on the pavement after so long of not taking walks.

I am definitely finally on my way and am starting to feel like the healthier eating and exercise is a habit. I found some amazing printables and planners to help me keep track so I am totally looking forward to next week.

Next Week's Plan:

  • Take probiotics and vitamins
  • Start detox water
  • Try new Pinterest recipe

What is your favorite Pinterest recipe that you have successfully made?


  1. Mac n cheese with cauliflower actually sounds very good to me. I love cauliflower.

  2. I'm ready for spring so I can start taking walks outside. Vitamins and drinking more water are my healthy goals for next week!

  3. Being sick is awful, but you're right sometimes it does reset our path for healthy eating. :) And I am very ready for Spring.

  4. It feels so good when you finally get into a healthy routine. Congrats on doing that!