Memorial Day Stencil Shirt + Easy Clean Up with Huggies Walmart Wipes

I love painting on shirts for every occasion because they are easy to make and affordable. Every time my toddler sees me painting onto a shirt she wants to be like mommy and paint one too. I like to let her craft and explore her creativity but I don't like cleaning up the mess. This is why I always get Huggies Wipes at Walmart. Since I got a new supply I decided to finally let her stencil on a shirt too.

First I created the stencil and printed it out. Then I traced it onto the paper side of freezer paper. I cut out the red stripes and and blue square of the flag. Then I ironed on the stencil to the middle of the shirt. Then I placed the blue square part of the flag back on and ironed it on. I also ironed on scraps of freezer paper to parts of the shirt that I didn't want my toddler to accidentally paint. Next I placed a piece of stiff cardboard into the shirt so that the paint wouldn't bleed through the back of the shirt. I then placed some red fabric paint on a paper plate and handed my daughter a sponge brush. I showed her how to paint inside of the stencil. When she finished painting the stripes I peeled off the part where the blue goes on the flag and let her paint it in. Let the paint completely dry and then peel off all of the freezer paper.

As soon as we finished painting I took out my Huggies wipes and cleaned away. I love that the triple clean feature really gets into the mess without breaking apart. Huggies is the only brand to have Triple Clean layers so I am confident that it will get the messes clean every single time.

Because Kids Outgrow Diapers, Not Messes* I always make sure to have the Huggies Walmart wipes on hand. I use them for everything from spills, to craft messes, to meal messes. They are super useful to have on-the-go too.

Walmart and Huggies want to show you the many ways to use the TripleClean wipes. Click below to watch the videos. You may find a new way to use them that you never thought of.

101:  HUGGIES® Wipes, the ONLY wipes with TripleClean* layers.
Explorers: Don’t let a little mess get in the way of a lot of fun!  HUGGIES® Wipes helps ALL explorers stay in the adventure. #bestfriend
The Cleaner: Ice cream #fail!  Watch how HUGGIES® Wipes saved the day from this on the go mess!
Pasta Baby:  Question: What happens when babies and pasta collide?  Answer: HUGGIES® Wipes with TripleClean* layers.
Playtime:  Playtime can be a dirty job.  HUGGIES® Wipes. Keep the play. Not the dirty.


  1. That came out so good. I love it and love that it was so easy to make :)

  2. She did a great job. Nice that the clean up was so easy, too.

  3. Wet wipes are great for cleaning up craft messes. I love this tutorial and should do something like this with my youngest son soon. :)

  4. My kiddos would love to make their own patriotic shirts. I would love not having a huge mess afterwards.

  5. Ha, just the words 'ice cream mess' make me shudder. ;) I like the idea of making patriotic shirts.

  6. My 5 yr old would just LOVE a craft like this. I just love wipes for cleaning up messes quick and easy.

  7. That came out so cute! I like this easy way of doing it, especially with the no mess!

  8. My daughter is 5 and I STILL use wipes. They make clean up a breeze especially with paint projects.

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