She Turns Three Birthday Shirt Tutorial + Stencil

My precious, sweet little girl will turn 3 this week. Where does the time go? I can remember when I first set eyes on her. She was such a long waited for gift so my husband and I treasure her immensely. She has grown up to be such a funny, smart and beautiful little girl. In honor of her birthday week I came up with a fun number 3 shirt the she can wear on her special day. Here is how I did it:

1. Print out the printable. Click on the link, download and print out with the "fit" setting.
2. Tape the printable onto a table and then tape a piece of freezer paper, paper side up, on top. Make sure the piece of freezer paper is bigger that the printable.
3. Trace the number three and remove the freezer paper. Place another piece of freezer paper on top and then trace the crown.
4. With an exacto knife or small scissors cut out the inside of the number three. Do the same for the inside of the crown.
5. Place the three stencil on the shirt in the middle. Then place the crown stencil. on top at the same position that it is on the printable. Carefully slide the number 3 stencil without moving the crown stencil.

6. Iron on the crown stencil carefully. Making sure all of the edges are stuck onto the shirt.
7. Place some fabric paint onto a paper plate and with a sponge brush and paint in the crown. Wait for it to completely dry and then peel off the stencil.
8. Place the three stencil on top of the shirt matching where the crown should be on top of the three. Use the printable as a guide. Iron on carefully making sure all of the edges of the three are stuck on.
9. Paint in the number three with a layer of fabric glitter glue. Sprinkle on some fabric glitter making sure to coat the number completely. Place a piece of freezer, paper side up onto the glitter and take the bottle of glitter and roll over the glitter to make sure that it is sticking to the glue. Wait about 5 hours for it to dry completely and then carefully pour off the excess glitter onto a piece of folded paper. Pour the excess glitter back into the glitter bottle. Peel off the stencil.
10. You can outline the crown with some fabric puffy paint and add some rhinestones to the top of the crown if you like.

**I am not sure how well the glitter will hold up to washing so I recommend turning the shirt inside out and hand washing, being careful not to agitate the part with the glitter. I would also allow it to air dry.


  1. I absolutely LOVE it. What a cute idea. It came out awesome.

  2. What an adorable shirt--your daughter is going to love it and so is every one else who sees it!!

  3. This is so cute, Michelle! Your sweet girl will look back and see all of the time and thought you put into making her say super special!

  4. What a sweet way to commemorate a special day! I love the little princess crown.

  5. This is absolutely adorable! So cute!

  6. I love how you added the glitter finish. That is just the cutest idea!

  7. I've done a glitter applique before, but this looks pretty easy to do. And my preschooler loves bling, lol!

  8. This is so cute! I love how glittery it, so does my little!

  9. Happy Birthday to your daughter. This is a cute shirt. I think I will make my son something similar next year. His birthday is this week too.