Sunny Savings and Resources for a First Time Home Buyer

My husband and I have living in NYC our entire life. We both grew up living in apartments and always renting. We have thought of purchasing a home in NYC but it is so expensive and everything that was in our budget was super tiny. We have been thinking about moving to Texas for the longest time now. Our families are in the East Coast so I was always hesitant to leave and be alone. Now that my daughter will be starting school next year we are in the rush to move to our own home, in a better neighborhood and in a great school district.

Being renter's our entire life we really didn't even know where to start. Searching for a home out of state also brings in more challenges so I was happy to have the Sunny Day Home resources from SunTrust Bank. There are tons of articles all in this one website that helped us move step-by-step into the first steps of purchasing a home. As soon as my daughter went to bed for the night my husband and I would both be on our laptops reading away and sharing what we learned. We sat together with a pen and paper and made a budget using the Mortgage Calculator. Now we knew how much we could afford to spend on a house. It was good to know that we could actually afford more than we thought.

We have all of our pre-approvals, our budget and a great agent, so now the fun part comes of the search for the perfect home. My husband and I spend lots of nights just looking at listings and pictures of potential homes. I have my specifics of what I want and my husband has specifics of what he wants. My daughter asked for a swing set so we have to make sure to get a back yard that is big enough. It is a fun adventure and the next part of our lives so I am happy I have the resources and support for saving for Sunny Days to purchase our Home.

What are your tips for a first time home buyer?

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