Morning Pep Xylitol Sweetner

**I received the product below free for my review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be a good fit for my readers. All opinions are 100% my own.

While on this weight loss journey I have been on a mission to find the best natural low carb sweetener. When I lost tons of weight before I always did it using artificial sweeteners. After reading all of the bad things that comes along with consuming them I decided to try out the natural ones instead.

Before doing some research on sweeteners I never knew there were so many types. I have tried many of them. Some had a bad after taste, some didn't sweeten at all and some were just too expensive.

I have been using the popular natural leaf one for my coffee with great results but when I wanted to venture into baking and making low carb desserts this just didn't cut it. Then after learning about xylitol from some of the Atkins recipes I decided to give it a try. I like that it is granular like regular sugar and is in equal measurement to it. (Don't get me started on the charts of measurements other sweeteners have to regular sugar. I don't have time for that!).

I tried the Morning Pep Xylitol first in my morning coffee. It tasted just like regular sugar and didn't have an after taste. Then I got a little more creative with the sugar and created a low carb no-bake cheesecake. (Recipe coming soon!)

Morning Pep's Xylitol is 100% natural from USA Birch. It has 40% fewer calories than regular sugar and 75% less carbohydrates. It has a low glycemic index, is kosher and free of GMO, corn, wheat, gluent, soy and dairy. It is also said to reduce the risk of tooth decay!

Click on the link to order your own Morning Pep Xylitol on Amazon! 

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  1. I love learning about new sweetners this one seems to be a really good one. Thank you for posting the nutritional facts

  2. I agree with you about the awful aftertaste of some artificial sweeteners. Some even come in a strup form, which makes it hard to incorporate into some meals.

  3. I never heard of this one. I only use sweetener in my coffee since I don't bake (or I'd be three to four times my current size!). I will be checking this out.

  4. Its great that this sweetener has all natural ingredients, this is definitely the way to go!

  5. I love xylitol! One of the best sweeteners out there for sure!

  6. I've been hearing a lot about Xylitol lately. I'll need to do more research into it, but it sounds great!

  7. I love has a really nice texture and doesn't taste weird like so many sweeteners.

  8. Go girl! I am always so inspired by you and all your ways to take your health into your own hands! Glad you found something you like!