February Favorites

Cold Brewer: I went from never drinking coffee to drinking it everyday. Since I discovered how good coffee tastes when it's cold brewed I have to have my cup every morning. I used to cold brew my coffee in a French press over night but now I discovered the Cold Brewer. This cold brewed coffee is ready in 3 hours instead of 12-14 hours. All you have to do is fill up the filter with your favorite coffee, add ice and cold water into the top chamber and let it drip away. The coffee comes out so smooth and it takes all the bitterness of coffee away.

Brownie Mug Cake: When I first started my journey I always made the chocolate mug cake from Ruled.me. It was perfect for when I wanted something sweet and chocolatey. It was a bit dry but it satisfied my sweet craving. Then I discovered the brownie mug cake from I Breathe I'm Hungry and I have been making it ever since. The chopped up chocolate that you add makes it moist, rich and super chocolatey.

Bone Broth: I am so OBSESSED with bone broth right now. I made a huge batch of bone broth in my electric pressure cooker in just 99 minutes. It is full of vitamins, minerals. collagen and good fats. Since it has a good amount of fat it keeps me satisfied for a complete meal. I like to just add some freshly cracked Himalayan pink sea salt and black pepper. It keeps me full and gives me energy after I drink it.

MCT Oil: I love drinking bulletproof coffee because it keeps me full and gives me a lot of energy. I used to make it with 1 tblsp of butter, 1 tblsp of heavy cream and 1 tblsp of heavy cream. I have heard so many great things about MCT oil and decided to start using it in my coffee in place of the coconut oil. MCT Oil is a more concentrated form of coconut oil so it gives you the benefits of coconut oil faster. I heard that when you first start consuming it, it can give you tummy troubles so I started with 1 tsp. I worked my way up to 1 tblsp and have been enjoying it in my BPC ever since. It gives me tons of energy and helps me get my fats in early in the day.

Casseroles: Since it has been so cold lately I have been craving casseroles for dinner. I used to make casseroles with veggies, potatoes and the cream soups in a can. I decided to experiment it the kitchen and make a keto chicken pot pie and keto shepherd's pie. They both came out so delicious and were so comforting. (Recipes will be on the blog soon!)

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