What I Ate Wednesday: Week 27

Breakfast: After a week of being sick and not being able to taste properly I had a craving for the taste pf Bullet Proof Coffee. Since I didn't have much of an appetite while being sick I just drank BPC for breakfast but was so sad that I couldn't taste it. Today I got to fully taste my BPC! It's cold brewed Starbucks house blend coffee with 1 tblsp of Kerrygold butter, 1 tblsp of heavy cream and 1 tblsp of MCT oil. I added some liquid stevia drops and a splash of DaVinci Hazelnut syrup. Not a huge fan of the hazelnut flavor but I am trying to finish it up. After everything is added to the coffee I use my little frother to mix all the oils in and create the foam on top.

Lunch: I drank my BPC at 12:30pm so I still wasn't hungry when 4:30pm came around. I decided to warm up some of the fresh turkey bone broth I made. I added some Himalayan Pink Salt and some freshly ground black pepper. Since the broth has lots of fat and collagen it really does keep me full until dinner time.

Dinner: I made some fresh bone broth over the weekend with turkey wings. I bought some turkey legs to go in with it but they didn't fit in my pressure cooker. I looked up recipes on pinterest and came up with this pin. All you have to do is season the legs, wrap them with foil and cook on low in the pressure cooker. It was so easy to do and the meat came out extremely tender and delicious. I shredded the meat from the bones and served it with cauliflower mash. I also felt like eating salad so I made a small one with mixed greens, cucumbers, caesar salad, olives and Cello Wisps for the crunch.

Snack: I made a pecan brittle with Sukrin Gold, butter and pecans. I also had an ounce of my new favorite cheese, Kerrygold Skellig.