Weight Loss Journey: Week 26

I lost 4.2 pounds for a total weight loss of 58.4 pounds. This week makes 6 months that I have been doing this ketogenic diet. It has been working for me because I never feel hungry and love the foods I get to eat.

I followed my eating plan except for one day. I am still enjoying the coconut bread I talked about last week. There is so many things I can do with it like make breakfast sandwiches, regular sandwiches with mayo and so much more. It's as easy as making a pancake so I love that I have that option when I don't have oopsie rolls waiting for me in the fridge. I decided to have my first cheat meal since starting this journey. Since it's been six months I felt that my body could tolerate a cheat without doing too much damage. I had sesame chicken and french fries from my favorite Chinese restaurant. Unfortunately they changed their fries to some seasoned ones I didn't care for so I only had a few. My husband and I shared the sesame chicken and I also had a shrimp roll. I had my cheat meal and that was it. I didn't eat any dessert, have any soda or had any leftovers the next day. 

I started with my planned exercise of the FeFit Exercise Program. I love that the program is going back around to the workouts we did in the beginning because it shows me how far I have come. On Thursday and Friday we did a ton of walking around and shopping while my husband prepared for his business trip this week. Since my daughter and I got bored of my husband looking at luggage we decided to chase after each other in the spacious Costco. It was fun being that silly energetic mom that I have always wanted to be. On Saturday I twisted my ankle so I wasn't able complete two of the FeFit workouts I had planned over the weekend.

  • Take vitamins and probiotics.
  • Get in 7000 daily steps. 
  • FeFit Exercise Program 4 times a week.
  • One walk of at least 10,000 steps.
  • Make up FeFit Workouts missed. 

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