Keto & Low Carb Chicken Fingers

I love chicken fingers because they are crispy and delicious and you can dip them into any kind of sauce. I used a combination of almond flour and parmesan cheese so that I could cut the carbs of the almond flour. I then used the method of flash frying and then finishing the cooking in the oven.

Keto Chicken Fingers
  • 1 pound of chicken tenders 
  • 1 cup almond flour
  • 1/2 cup parmesan cheese (the grated green container is best) 
  • seasonings to taste (I used onion powder, garlic powder, sea salt and fresh ground black pepper)
  • egg
  • avocado oil, to fry (you can use any other oil you have on hand) 

1: Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Prepare a baking pan with aluminum foil. Add a baking rack on top. (If you don't have a baking rack you can skip it but you will have to turn your tenders over half way through the baking process. Using a rack makes the tenders crunchy and flaky all around.)

2: Wash and pat dry the chicken tenders really well. Set aside and prepare your breading. 

3: Mix together the almond flour, parmesan cheese and seasonings into a medium bowl. In a small bowl whip your egg. 

4: Dip the chicken tenders into the egg and then into the breading. You want to lightly coat the chicken tenders and shake all of the excess breading off. Repeat with each chicken tender. 

5: Heat your oil on high heat. Fry each chicken tender on both sides until they are golden brown. You want to do this quickly because the tenders will continue to cook in the oven. 

6: Place the browned tenders on top of the baking rack and place in the oven. Bake in the oven for about 15-20 minutes or until the tenders are cooked through. Serve with your favorite dipping sauce like this low carb barbecue sauce!


  1. I don't know if avocado oil is available in our stores, I've never seen it. We find our air fryer to do a great job and no oil at all!

  2. Love the use of almond flour in this recipe. It sounds wonderful.

  3. These look really tasty! I have never used almond flour and have never even heard of avocado oil. I'll have to look for that..thanks!

  4. One thing I've missed on a low carb and grain free diet is chicken fingers! Thanks so much for this recipe, it looks like it will be the perfect replacement!

  5. What a great way to still get your favorite foods while not ruining all your hard work. Can't wait to try these for my family.

  6. I love your recipe. I use almond flour a lot. Tastes delicious.

  7. You go girl! Those look delicious! I made sweet and sour pork last night low carb! I used sugar free peach jello as part of the flavor! Turned out pretty good. I just wish I would have wrote down the recipe :)

  8. CHicken fingers are always a big hit. This is a great way to make them!

  9. It looks tender and juicy, hmm yummy!! I'm sure I would love it and I consider this on my diet.

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