Fall Weight Loss: 6 Weeks

In 6 weeks I lost 18.6 pounds. I successfully completed this week by eating on plan and being super active. I was so busy this week with going to different events and having my in-laws come in from out of town that I didn't get a chance to continue with the D28 Workout Plan. I also have missed lots of days of taking my multi-vitamins and probiotics. 

Since I was out a lot of the days of this week I stuck to the plan by eating keto-friendly foods outside. During the morning I didn't have time to cook and I couldn't find keto foods at the events so I just sipped on some water until I had the time to get something for a late lunch. I am loving that while on keto you can go the morning until the late afternoon without getting hungry. I guess I did a lot of intermittent fasting this week. I ate bun-less burgers, salads, Chipotle and snacked on moon cheese and sugar free coffee while I was out. 

I didn't have much time for exercise but I did do lots of walking in Manhattan with all of the different events I had to go to. If you have ever taken the NYC train on the weekends you know how crazy alternative routes, schedule changes and track work can be. At one point I counted 6 rounds of going up and down staircases at the train stations while trying to figure out a way to get home on Saturday. I was pretty surprised that I wasn't winded at all. I have also had lots of energy that I used to organize and deep clean my entire apartment. Something that would have taken me hours took minutes because I didn't have to take any breaks. Unfortunately I lost my Tushi Activity Tracker so it was back to my Fitbit to track all of my steps.

  • Restart the  D28 Workout Program.
  • Take my multivitamin and probiotic every day. 
  • Try to make at least 7000 steps a day with my Fitbit
  • Try a new cauliflower recipe. 
  • Finish reading the Keto Clarity Book

How do you stay on plan when you don't have time to cook at home? 


  1. My sister has mastered the healthy take-out menu. She does a lot of grilled chicken sandwiches without the bun.

  2. Wow! You are rocking it!! Keep up the great work!!

  3. I am not on any particular plan but I am losing weight-slowly! If I happen to be out and about I try to find salad or protein--if I have a large lunch-I don't eat dinner (I am usually not hungry!) Keep up the good work you are doing great! And yes, I have hoofed it all around and up and down NYC many times in my past.

  4. You are doing great! I've lost about 20 lbs recently but I have so much more to lose!

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