Fall Weight Loss: 7 Weeks

This week I lost 4 pounds for a total of  22.2 pounds. I stayed on plan again this week and did a few days of exercise with the D28 Fitness Program. I had tons of energy during the week so my house is now super clean and organized. Today we will be on a flight to Texas so I am planning on going to Walmart to get foods to stay on plan. I will also be trying to get some exercise in by going to my friend's gym and walking a ton.

This week I was home more often so I cooked almost everyday for all three meals. I ordered a bunch of low carb products from netrition.com so it was nice having some extra snacks and goodies to have once in a while. We went to the movies on Wednesday and I didn't even smell or have an urge for popcorn. I brought in some Gouda Moon Cheese and treated myself to some Coke Zero. When I went to the HoLiDay of Play event I stuck with some salad a tiny bit of dressing, grilled asaparagus and bun-less sliders. 

I continued on with the D28 Workout program but one of the days it really kicked my butt! I was amazed that my body could do almost everything but boy did I feel it the next day. I was so sore in my legs that I couldn't do any exercise the next day. Then I was so sore in my arms that I didn't want to do exercise again the next day. I just have to get my body back into exercise mode and fight through the soreness. I set a goal of 7000 steps a day on my Fitbit and reached the goal every day this week. I am going to be bumping up the goal to 7500 on days that I stay home and try to get in 10000 on the days that I go outside.

  • Stay on plan while in Texas
  • Get at least 7500 steps in everyday while in Texas. 
  • Get back into routine once I get home from Texas. 

Do you stay on plan when on vacation or do you let yourself splurge? 


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