Toy Insider HoLiDay of Play Event + Favorite Picks

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the HoliDAY of play event hosted by the Toy Insider and Woman's Day magazine. HoliDAY of play gave us the chance to play with all of the newest toys that are coming out this holiday season.

One my favorite toys of the event was the Sing-A-Long Elsa by Jakks Pacific. My daughter loves singing and knows almost all of the words to the songs of Frozen. I love that this Elsa comes with a microphone and allows the kids to sing-a-long with the doll. A huge plus is that Elsa talks in both English and Spanish.

I was happy to see the LeapFrog brand at the event because my daughter has been playing with their toys since she was a month old. My husband and I have been talking about upgrading my daughter's tablet and the new LeapFrog Epic fits the bill on everything we are looking for. It is an Android based tablet that grows with your child. The extra SD card storage guarantees that you won't run out of space..

Another toy I was excited to see was the Flipsies by VTECH. The Flipsies lets girls know they can be anything they want to be when they grow up. The Flipsies allow pretend play with their playsets and changeable clothes and hair. I saved the Flipsie we got in our giftbag for our flight a few days later and it kept her entertained on our 3 hour plane ride to Texas.

Dash from Wonder Workshop is the cutest little robot I have ever seen! Kids can easily code the movement of the robot by using an app that introduces them to robotics at a young age. Dash can race, sing and even respond to voice!

Inside Out was my daughter's favorite movie this year so I was happy to see the Talking Plush characters from TOMY. Joy, Fear, Anger, Sadness and Disgust are there in cute little plush form that range from 5.35" to 10" tall. Also included is the I Cry Candy Bing Bong who talks and cries candy!

SingTrix is an advanced karaoke system that makes you sound like a professional singer. My daughter loves singing so I know having the microphone and hearing herself on the speakers will be lots of fun for her. I love how you can connect it to an iPad or iPhone so you have unlimited song options.

My daughter is a huge fan of My Little Pony and The Littlest Pet Shop so it was nice to see the playsets by Hasbro. The Littlest Pet Shop characters come in a cool jet with an opened and extended play area. I love how the My Little Pony celebration castle has a dance floor and party music!

I will be making movies with my nephew with the StikBot figurines and Studio Pack. The little figurines have suction cups and joints that allow you to move them however you want to easily create stop motion movies. After you are done with your movie you can upload it to social media and share your creation.

My daughter loves playing in the sand so now that the Summer is over and Fall is here I will be getting her some Sands Alive. It is so fun to mold the sand into different shapes and then watch it come alive with just a little push to break it apart.

Be on the lookout for my Preschooler Holiday Gift Guide coming next month! 


  1. Well, now I know what to buy my kids for Christmas. I saw a commercial for a Flipsie today (I'm pretty sure she was named Clementine). My daughter will love it!

  2. What a great event! My son definitely wants the Inside Out toys this year for Christmas.

  3. Nice selection! The little robot is really cute, but the Leapfrog products caught my eye.

  4. Give me anything anger-related! That character is so cool, and Lewis Black is one of my favorite comedians!

  5. So many cute toys coming out this year--it is hard for me to choose what to get my little grand niece. I really like Leap Frog so I might go with that.

  6. Such great choices here. I love Lep Frog. I'd like to get the Frozen dolls for my niece. :)

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