Fall Weight Loss: Week 8

This week I gained 1 pound for an adjusted loss of  21.2 pounds. I just came back from my trip to Texas so I kind of knew there might be a gain because I was away from my normal routine. It bummed me out because even with all of the temptation of Texas food and barbecue I stayed on plan and was super active. Once I saw that gain I took out my tape measure and measured away. When I calculated my measurements from last month I got a total lost of 14.2 inches! I will take inches over pounds anyway :)

During my trip to Texas I stayed on plan everyday. We were staying with friends so the first thing we did was go to the supermarket to get ingredients to stay on plan. I went to a supermarket called Sprout and it had everything I needed like Kerrygold butter, almond flour, stevia and so much more. We made breakfast at my friend's house and stuck with eggs, cheese and turkey bacon. Our friends grilled us steak and burgers and then I tried brisket and smoked wings at some awesome BBQ Texas restaurants. 

I had planned to exercise at the gym in the community center but with our days packed with activities to do I didn't have time to. I ran around the backyard with my daughter while we chased bubbles. We also walked a ton around the malls, an amazing Dallas Aqarium and the LEGOLAND at Dallas! Unfortuntely my FitBit ran out of battery and I forgot to bring my charger but I know I surpassed my goal of 7500 steps a day by a bunch. 

  • Drink Bullet Proof Coffee for breakfast at least 3 times this week. 
  • Take vitamins and probiotics.
  • Get in 7500 daily steps. 
  • Incorporate a boxing workout and strength training workouts at least 4 times this week. 

Do you stay on plan when on vacation or do you let yourself splurge? 


  1. It seems like you have found some simple easy ways to keep up with your exercise! The food looks amazing by the way :)

  2. You are doing so great. I love including avocados in my meals because they are a good fat. Keep up the good work!

  3. Wow! Avocados. I'm going to include this on my meal. Thank you for sharing.

  4. You've found some really easy ways to be more healthy, I like it!

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